Sunday, August 28, 2016

Get your sparkle on: #SparklingDetox Challenge with Gerolsteiner


Most of the people find themselves eating fast food, sweets, and so on and of course they forget how water is important for the body in order to work properly. Also, there are some people who should be more aware of the negative impact of the unhealthy eating habits.
The world has gone crazy about the #SparklingDetox program with Gerolsteiner Mineral Water. It is a five-day detox program with a goal to educate people about proper hydration and how the mineral-rich Gerolsteiner water can benefit a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This year’s Sparkling Detox Challenge will be held September 12th to the 16th. This event offers you a great chance to detox your body with the best mineral water, and also learn about how to maintain a proper diet and how to include a bit of exercise in your everyday life. Also, the #SparklingDetox Challenge is a great way to meet some new friends and spend a few days that will definitely change your life. Feel free to be part of this life-changing program on Facebook
I must admit that Gerolsteiner Mineral Water is my everyday choice for proper hydration. I try to avoid soda and all of the other drinks that contain a lot of sugar and artificial colors and flavors. A friend of mine recommended Gerolsteiner to me. She was really satisfied with the consumption of this mineral water and she also improved her overall health. The first thing I do in the morning is drink a glass or two of Gerolsteiner Mineral Water in order to activate the inner organs and boost my metabolism. After an intense workout, I love to have it right next to me because it is really refreshing, rich in minerals and tastes good. I am giving a five-star review to this mineral water. Highly recommended! 

Want to win a chance to win FREE Gerolsteiner to participate in the challenge? Enter to win by sending an email here. And don't forget to enter here

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Barre Video

Here is my latest video on YouTube. I filmed a 4 part series of Barre Fitness Videos. This is the first video. Barre Workout: side of your booty.

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I love fruit! I go through phases of being obsessed with one fruit. Raspberries were my last craze. One fruit that I have never strayed from is the banana. I love a brown spotted banana. They are a tasty, filling fruit that contain a wide range of health boosting nutrients. They are a perfect fruit to have after my favorite sweat session. Bananas are filed with fiber which helps keep you regular, and bananas are also a top source of magnesium, potassium, vitamin c and vitamin B (b vitamins boost your energy levels, assist with chemical reactions in the body, help your wounds to heal, relax your muscles and nerves)
Bananas are my favorite because they don’t require any preparation and are very portable, so you can take them with you and eat them whenever you get hungry. I also love a smoothie made with berries and bananas, and in my Greek yogurt too!

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Keeping Active while Traveling

Today's post is a guest post from Jamil Paden from Brotherspodcast

Keeping Active while Traveling
Hey guys I’m back with some must needed advice. If you guys are like me and constantly traveling for various reasons, then you have noticed your work out routines have suffered. Although when we are traveling its extremely important to maintain our daily exercise routines. I get it, it’s a hard task to accomplish, but fear not my friends, because I have a few tips to help you!
1st tip is planning ahead. If you can meal prep than you can activity prep. If you know you going on vacation for example, find a hotel with an exercise room. Verify the machines they have available. In many cases it’s a click of the mouse or phone call away.
2nd tip is simply walking around. Listen, when you’re in a new place its not a bad idea to walk as much as possible. Challenge yourself and find a place to walk. If you’re near a mall or park, then walk. I traveled to Las Vegas and would simple walk to other casino’s just to keep active.
3rd tip is climbing the stairs. instead of taking the elevator walk the stairs as much as possible. If you happen to be in an area where its simply not walking friendly, then walk the stairs. You can set a goal by timing yourself and learning how fast you climb the stairs. I will sometimes set goals for myself during these climbing sessions. I will often stipulate I can not enjoy a snack until I accomplish my goal.
4th tip is using an exercise app. I can’t express how awesome they can be in aiding your healthy living journey. One thing a healthy living app can do is help you track your meals. The more you know what your eating the better you can plan your exercises. The apps can also encourage you to walk more and inform you on how long its been since you ate. The app can overall help you keep a healthy routine.
5th and final tip. I would say enjoy yourself! If you’re on vacation don’t forget to enjoy yourself. If you are able to explore a new location and walk, then trust me the time will fly by and you wont even realize you’re working out. If you’re a competitor, then enjoy making and breaking personal goals. What ever your motivation just enjoy it and have fun.
I hope these tips are helpful and provide you nothing but tools to succeed. If you have any additional tips let us know. Make sure you inform us how well these tips helped you.
Brotherspodcast’s Jamil Paden

If you want to get intouch with Jamil you can email him here.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

"I haven't eaten all day." What happens to your body when you don't eat.

I just don't understand the phrase "I haven't eaten all day. I forgot." What? I never "forget" to eat! I love food, I love what it does for me, I love the way some of it tastes, mainly I never "forget" to eat because I know that my body needs food to function, the first 6 hours after eating, everything is pretty much status quo, and your body is busy breaking down glycogen - which stores energy - into glucose to be used as fuel by your cells. Around 25 percent of this glucose is used to power your brain alone, and the rest goes to powering muscle tissue and red blood cells.
Also, if I don't eat every 4-5 hours I get hangary  Do you know what "hangary" is: hangry is combination of being hungry and irrational angry, and it can result in you lashing out at the people you love the most. And it's all caused by your brain running out of the energy it needs to make good decisions.
But things get really dire after 72 hours, when your brain decides it needs more to survive. This is when your body starts to break down its own proteins so that it can use their amino acids to form glucose. This means your body literally cannibalises itself and eats away at your muscle tissue just to stay alive.
If you don't eat at this point, the break-down of your body will continue, and death can occur as little as three weeks after you stop eating - if you don't get sick from a lack of immune system-essential vitamins and minerals first.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox Challenge


Water is one of the essential elements for normal function of the body. About 70% of the human body consists of water. This fact says enough about the importance of water in our life. There are a lot of brands of mineral water on the market, but the quality is what really matters. In this modern world, there are many products with low quality and what we really deserve is something that our body will benefit from, not to be damaged by that certain product.
I see that the people are really excited about Gerolsteiner’s Sparkling Detox Challenge. It is a great way for people to learn more about the hydration of our body, the negative impact dehydration has on our overall health and also about the eating habits and why a proper diet is crucial for longer and healthier life. I am also one of the people who are waiting for this big event and also want to participate in the #SparklingDetox. This 5-day long easy-to-do detox is a great way to improve proper hydration and to understand how drinking mineral-rich Gerolsteiner water can contribute to a balanced lifestyle and, of course, healthier life. I found all the info about this detox program on  Facebook

The hot days of summer are such a blessing. For me, summer is the best season of the year, but also the excessive sweating is one of the characteristics of summer. The water we lose through sweating must be replaced so there is nothing more refreshing and hydrating than Gerolsteiner mineral water. I love to drink it, especially after an intense workout. It is rich in calcium and magnesium, which are essential for the nervous system, for our bones, muscles, and teeth. It also contains potassium, sodium, bicarbonate and chloride

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Massage isn’t just for pampering you. Yes, it is relaxing and feels awesome but did you know that massage helps with aches, and pains and can improve your ability to sleep at night?
Massage is manual manipulation of the soft tissues in the body and can help to significantly improve your overall well-being. All types of massage are different and offer different results but getting regular massages can help with:
  1. Improved blood circulation
  2. Enhanced immune system
  3. Lowers blood pressure
  4. Relieves pain and tension
  5. Improves your mood (decreases levels of stress and depression)
  6. Improves conditions including: arthritis, diabetes, and/or fibromyalgia
  7. Stimulates the nervous system
  8. Improves the look and feel of skin
  9. Improves recovery time for those suffering from injuries
  10. Improves flexibility and range of motion
  11. Improves joint movement
Look at all the amazing benefits from massage. I have a few clients that regularly get massages and it has made such a difference in their everyday health. I highly recommend you invest in your body. Your body is the only one you have, so you should take care of it!

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

#ChiChiSweatSesh on 8/10. Barreless Barre


What is #ChiChiSweatSesh?  A monthly gathering of the Chi Chi Life fitness + wellness community. Join Lauren Chiarello of @ChiChiLifeNYC for a heart-pumping workout followed by a potluck picnic in Central Park. This summer, Lauren is collaborating with fellow fitness gurus to create fun + festive workouts. I am excited to join Lauren as her August guest. Come play!

$20 // Bring 2 friends + you attend for free!

Wednesday, August 10 at 7:15PM: BARRELESS BARRE w/Jessica Bailey @sassygirlfit // Sign up here + Facebook Event for 8.10 here.

You gotta start somewhere. Go ahead and start with light weights

I want you to know there is no shame in using 1-, 2-, 3-, or 5-pound weights. You have to start somewhere! No one is judging how much you lift. The point is to do what you can until the muscle you're using is fatigued. If you still feel like you could do more at the end of your set, you aren't working hard enough!
That brings up a good question. How much do I lift and what is the smart thing to do? Working out at 30% of your maximum strength until you are too fatigued to do one more rep is the smart, safe way to lift weights when starting out. Basically you want to use weights that are just a third of the heaviest weight you can safely manage.
Why only 30%?  I personally like to do both light and heavy weight lifting, but I know that lighter weights builds serious muscle strength and I have been lifting for a long time. I know what I can handle and what I can’t.  Have you ever tried to lift 2 lbs for 2 minutes? It's exhausting and hard. Using lighter weights helps with weight control, avoiding injury and helps prevent diseases.

Want your spare tire gone? Go a smidge lighter, but you should still feel challenged,  and notice your body changing!

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