Saturday, February 27, 2016

BeFit: Is it worth the hype?

There are so many nutritional supplements on the market, that for a very long time I did not know what to choose. They all make big promises, but not all of them have the promised benefits. When I was about to give up and I stopped searching for the right supplement, I found BeFit. I was amazed from the first day, and it gets better and better!
The BeFit supplements are powders that can supplement proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and much more, depending on your needs. Some of the powders are specially designed to provide you with all the energy that you need before a workout, while others will curb your appetite and cravings. In other words, there’s something for anyone!
Like things couldn’t get any better, you can also mix the powder with different ingredients to create a delicious, healthy shake. You will find plenty of recipes on their website, but my absolute favorite is the Orange Yogurt Protein Shake. It takes only two minutes to prepare it; I use ½ cup of  Vanilla Greek Yogurt - Plain Greek Yogurt is fine too, I add 6oz 100% Juice Orange Juice, I add 1 scoop of BeFit WHEY - Vanilla Flavor powder, 6 cubes of  Ice - Use fewer if you prefer it less thick, and I mix them in the blender. Just like that I have the perfect shake to give me energy and strength.
More than this, you can even make sweets with the BeFit powder! Imagine this: you can eat a sweet (yes, sweet, but not unhealthy) snack before you go to the gym and get all the nutrients that you need from it. Isn’t this wonderful?
Now, everything you have to do is to choose the right powder for you and enjoy all the amazing benefits. If you don’t have enough proteins in your diet, a protein powder is what you need. If you want to lose weight, choose the powder that will speed up your metabolism and reduce your appetite. If you need a gluten-free supplement, you will find it also in the BeFit range of products!

It is so easy to be healthy while enjoying something delicious, that you have no reason not to try BeFit. Just make your pick, try it for a few days and you will never stop again. For sure I never will! I wanna make it easy for you to try BeFit. Go 'like' BeFit on Facebook for a chance to win three nutritional products to use with the 30 day workout calendar and videos.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016

Myth Of The Gym

Sometimes I want to scream from the ridiculous things people say. I was on vacation this past week (in Mexico, during cold February, I highly suggest saving your pennies and go on a trip during the winter) and I overheard a teenagers at the gym say "if you workout hard 3-5 times per week, you can eat what you want and still reach your fitness goals." I rolled my eyes and slightly puked in my mouth, I wish this were the case. If it were true I would be eating out every night and enjoying cheesy quesadillas and chocolate! The honest to goodness truth is, the bulk of us who work out consistently, the results are going to be due to your DIET (leaving only 20-35% coming from your exercise).
There are 168 hours in a week (no, I didn't just know that, I googled it) and if you work out 5x per week for one hour each time that leaves 163 (I did that math on my own 😀) to MESS UP all the work!
So, the moral of the story is to watch what you put into your mouth.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Podcast Guest on Outside Health and Fitness

I was a guest on the Outside Health and Fitness podcast. I talk about a beach workout that will help you stay in-shape in paradise.
Give the show a listen and you’ll discover…

  • …why it’s better at the beach;
  • … how you can get a full body workout without packing all sorts of “As seen on TV” gear in your bag
  • … and an effective,fun,15 minute routine you can do right on the beach or wherever you are

Friday, February 5, 2016

Daily Multi-Vitamin with Green Foods

In the last years, it became more and more clear for me how important it is to make sure people know that diet is key. I know most people usually don’t have time to eat when they are supposed to, and when they have the time most people get something fast and very often, high in calories and low in nutrients. There are so many things to be done throughout the day, that meals are the last ones on most list of priorities.
With this being said, there was no surprise for me to find out that alot of people need some vitamins. If you feel tired and in a bad mood most of the time, that this is because you don’t eat well. Since it is quite difficult to change your daily rhythm, it is key to find some supplements to keep you going.
Now, it is vital for me as a fitness instructor to take supplements that are natural and do not contain any chemicals. In this case, why would I want them in my body? The Daily Multi-Vitamin with Green Foods was the logic choice, and I did not regret it once. Are they just vitamins, for sure not!
These supplements are made completely from GMO-free vegetables, so I knew right from the start that this will improve my life. What I did not know was what a difference can these pills make. If you usually are in a tired mood, try The Daily Multi-Vitamin with Green Foods. They might make you feel full of energy for the entire day without any other change.
Even more than this, your digestion can improve. Due to bad eating habits one can usually feel heavy and exhausted after having a meal, and this is not something nice to feel right before an important meeting. However, the vitamins contain essential minerals that improve digestion considerably and now you don’t have to stay away from certain aliments because they cause bloating.
Most people never actually realize what a big difference vitamins make one’s life. Not only that will your body feel better, but you might be more relaxed. A lot of people need a cup of coffee in the morning before they can even talk, but after taking these vitamins I feel fresh and ready to conquer the world since early morning.
I know I can count on my vitamins to keep me going even in the worst days.