Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to reset your body after weeks of not taking care of it

Refocusing after a big celebration doesn't need to include crash diets or outrageous changes.  It isn't tied in with driving yourself to work out for a considerable length of time or denying yourself with a strict diet. Rather, the most ideal approach to refocus after big occasions is to execute little changes that lead to the reset.
Need to find the key to making balance?  Continue reading for my go-to post-occasion self-care tips. 

Start the Morning with Hot Lemon Water. 

Hydration is absolutely critical to start the day in good shape. Drinking sufficient water can help diminish longings and may even help you lose weight. Some may find that a little lemon flavor can make remaining hydrated less demanding and more delicious. 

Keep in mind That What You Eat Matters. 

Concentrate on healthy; think bright foods grown from the ground that are stacked with fiber and cancer prevention agents. The cancer prevention agents help diminish aggravation while the fiber enables the stomach related track to run easily. A couple of my most loved, broccoli, berries, chia seeds, and oats. 

Try different things with Saunas. 

Infrared saunas have turned into a go-to in the wellbeing network. Like exercise, sauna sessions help your sweating – one of the body's best end and detoxification techniques. This may enable help to clear skin and may even help encourage recuperation following an hard exercise session. It's currently one of my most loved ways to help with detoxification this winter!

Get moving! 

You don't need to exhaust yourself at the exercise center to feel a difference. Possibly the entirety of your body needs is delicate development, for example, yoga or strolling. Getting your body moving not only burns calories while but gives you an endorphin surge, leaving you feeling revived and restored.

Use these tips to help support your immune system and feel refreshed, strong, and vibrant! 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Locate your happy

I'm not sure what "happiness" means exactly, what does it mean to you? 

Most of us don't need to bother with a formal definition since you know you're happy when you feel it. Possibly you're happy every day, except you don't put much thought into where those feelings come from.

So what does this mean? It seems to me that we are invest a lot of time and energy into purchasing things we think will fulfill us. Do we expect that a better house or an new vehicle will make us more joyful? So many people compare joy and accomplishment with the measure of cash they have. 

Think about your daily life, the amount of rest you get every night, and how hard you are on yourself. Is it safe to say that you are trying to be perfect? We frequently end up in an endless loop of taking a stab at more and afterward reprimanding ourselves when we bomb, we never even consider when things are out of our control. Additionally, the impacts of culture and the weights of society don't make it any easier for us. 

Most people battle with feeling of  'not good enough' because of our web based life.  We overanalyze our choices for example; work and connections to slimming down and working out. 

It is super important to assume responsibility and see what we're doing to yourself. As it's been stated, "Joy is a voyage, not a goal." And there's no better time to begin that venture than by finding what fulfills you today! 

Here are a couple of approaches to begin: 

Keep a satisfaction diary. 

Consider what makes you extremely cheerful. Record a couple of things and focus on understanding what makes you feel better. It very well may be something as basic as perusing a decent book, getting a couple of additional long periods of rest on the end of the week, drinking your morning espresso, or sitting in the sun. At that point, when you have an off day or need uplifting feedback, reference your notes! 

Improve your work environment. 

Upbeat individuals make the most of their work. Monitor how you're feeling about your profession. In case you're not satisfied, discover little approaches to make a move to enhance the activity you have – maybe changing your hours or conversing with your manager about what ventures you're taking a shot at. Indeed, even an unfulfilling work that is paying great will get old rapidly. You can't seek after work for cash or popularity and put your energy on hold until the end of time. What's more, in case you're stuck in an occupation you don't need however can't make a move presently, step toward a more promising time to come each day. You'll be more joyful realizing that something energizing is ahead. 


It's not tied in with being skinnier or looking better; it's tied in with moving your body. Go for a long walk or attempt another exercise class – simply accomplish something for you. Getting your pulse up not just creates endorphins that make you feel better yet additionally diminishes pressure. Focus on practicing a couple of times each week, and you'll feel more grounded physically, rationally, and inwardly. 

Surround yourself with people you adore. 

We're social creatures who hunger for association, so make your connections a need. On the off chance that you are seeing someone, a night out or set away your phones so you truly interface when you're as one. Make arrangements with a companion, regardless of whether it's something little, such as snatching some espresso. Having something to anticipate makes you more joyful! Close family and companions can offer help during pressure and make life's good and bad times only somewhat less demanding to overcome. 

Deal with your soul. 

We're generally in a hurry, so it's imperative to take a couple of minutes every day to deal with ourselves. Take a seat, light a candle, do some profound breathing, and loosen up your brain and body. Set aside the opportunity to connect with your internal identity through things like reflection and yoga. By either beginning or consummation your day (or perhaps both!) with a profound practice, you'll have more vitality, be in a superior inclination, and may even rest better.

Remember, what makes you happy won’t be the same for anyone else.

Happy 2019!

In health,
Jessica Bailey
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Awesome Gift Idea For The Fitness Lover In Your Life

Happy Holidays!

I have another gift idea for you. My friends at Haute Companie are giving my blog, Twitter, and Instagram followers 20% off now until 12/31
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Happy Shopping,
Jessica Bailey

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sassy Girl Gift Guide 2018

It's totally true, when you discover a gift you need to keep for yourself, you know it's the ideal thing to give someone you adore. That is never more true than when you are looking for something for someone you love. Chances are, if you cherish it, they will love it as well, and I can't wait to show the people who are with me through thick and thin just how special they are this Christmas season. From healthy soups, fun athletic wear, and amazing grippy may very well end up purchasing the same thing for yourself.  Continue reading to see my top picks for your favorite person....

1. Kettle and Fire Soups and Broth
The recipe: Beef, carrots, onions, celery, bay leaf, vinegar, sea salt, thyme. Heal & Nourish your body. 100% Certified Grass-fed. Slow Simmered for 20+ hrs. Paleo-Friendly. USDA approved packaging. Top Quality. Gluten free. Organic Ingredients.
Use the code SASSYGIRL for 10% off at checkout.

2. Fit and Flirty
Fit & Flirty is a chic athlesiure brand created for champagne lovers & fitness addicts. Shop a wide range of fitness apparel and workout tops.
Use the code SASSYGIRL for 20% off at checkout. *Code good until Jan. 15. This offer is good on everything in the store except coffee cups*

3. Great Soles
#1 for grips socks, perfect for pilates, yoga, dance, and barre, at home or at any fitness studio. Use the code Jessica15 for a 15% discount at checkout.

All product pictures were taken by photographer Dan Goodman

Good Luck and Happy Shopping,

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Ease Candy Cravings

Food cravings are a typical reaction to what we're experiencing and can make the cravings we wouldn't regularly eat strong, for example, salty potato chips or sweet chocolate brownies. Wanting food can come from a lot of reasons, including recollections of feelings, climate, and stress.

Overlooking that voice inside your head calling out toward sweets isn't in every case simple! Amid this season when each house and office has bowls of sweets, baked goods and prepared food up for grabs, it tends to be particularly difficult to calm that voice and remain tuned in to your body. At the time, getting a sugar fix may feel like it will fulfill your desires, but giving into your temptations most times result in overindulging.

Before indulging in your cravings, try these proposals to help you make the correct decision for you:

Deconstruct your hankering

It is safe to say that you are wanting sweets or would you say you are really parched? Is it only a flitting want? It is safe to say that  something is going on in your life and filling the void with food? Rather than instantly giving in and going after a sweet, deconstruct what your body is genuinely letting you know and choose what will satisfy it.

Make a stride back

Seeing the supermarket racks loaded with beautiful sacks of sweets that help you to remember youth can make you believe it's something you need. Be that as it may, as a general rule, before you strolled down that path, you had no craving for treat by any means. Pause for a minute to be careful about what you are longing for and to comprehend your hankering before you snatch that huge pack of sugar.

Choose normally sweet nourishments

Rather than tearing open a sweet treat or taking a treat (or two) that your associate shared, relieve your longings with more healthy alternatives. In the event that you know you have a sweet tooth and a hard time opposing a hankering, keep natural product or dark chocolate made with 80% cacao or more close by. When you watch what you eat, it becomes easier to make a  better decision towards a solid sweet tidbit. 

Appreciate it – with some restraint

On the off chance that you have a consistent longing for something however have been not giving into it, let yourself appreciate it with some restraint. Tune in to your body and realize that it's alright to appreciate something you're longing for without overindulging.

Watch your mouth!

In health,

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Friday, October 19, 2018

How often should I exercise?

It's a well established inquiry: what number times each week should I work out?

Tragically, there's no perfect answer. Everyone is different.  Much the same as with nutrition, what works for one individual may not work for another.

Beside what feels best for your body, one vital thing to ask is, Why am I working out?

Individuals workout for alot of different reasons – to remain sound, clear their psyche, shed pounds, tone up, or keep up by and large wellbeing, to give some examples. Your best exercise routine will rely upon your inspiration and additionally the outcomes you're searching for.

Whatever your reasons, there are a few baselines with respect to how frequently you should work out.

Numerous wellbeing and health specialists recommend that you should move your body each and every day. With such huge numbers of us spending upwards of eight hours sitting at a work area, it's essential to endeavor to be dynamic consistently, regardless of whether you can't make it to the gym. Going for a noon walk, taking the stairs, or getting off the train one stop early are on the whole awesome approaches to get in some additional means.

In case you're hoping to rev up your exercise standard, here are some useful hints:

Plan your exercises toward the start of the week. On the off chance that you make an arrangement for  days you've scheduled to workout, you're more likely to avoid the gym. Build up an activity routine to keep you persuaded and hitting your goals every week.

Do something you like. You're significantly more liable to get up for an early exercise or invest energy by the day's end if you are doing something you genuinely appreciate. Finding an exercise you adore may require some exertion, yet you will anticipate your chance at the gym.

Tune in to your body. Focus on what your body needs, regardless of whether it's an additional rest day or a long open air keep running as opposed to hitting the weights. Try not to be reluctant to stray from your calendar to give your body some additional TLC.

Be caring to yourself. Similarly as with any everyday practice, we as a whole get off base now and again. Remember tomorrow is another day to progress in the direction of your objectives.

What does your exercise routine resemble?

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In health,
Jessica Bailey

Sunday, September 30, 2018


My companions,
It's been some week, huh? I don't know about you, but I feel completely overwhelmed and angry. I wasn't sure what to do with this feeling. My first instinct was to take it out on random men. No, that is not a good idea because most men are good and it isn't fair of me to put all men in the same category. Notwithstanding when our reality feels partitioned and segregating, I know the best way to rise is as one.  This is what I am going to do: Make contact with someone who I have not been in touch with. Somebody who I don't normally encounter or thinks differently from me. As hard as it is, it's OK not to think alike. I need to remember that.  I will remark positively on their life. Take a new friend out for coffee. Compliment a stranger on their clothing. Talk to other women about their fitness program, etc. 
I plan on channeling my anger into building other women up. I'm going to spread love like it's going out of style and I encourage you to do the same. 

Be well, be you, be healthy both mentally and physically. 

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