Sunday, September 2, 2018

Keep Growing

Focus and sacrifice are at the center to a significant number of us. Without the desire to get after it consistently, you would not be developing in your field, and you would not have the opportunity of receiving the rewards and getting pleasure out of what you do. Without it, you and I would not be the place we are today. I would not be composing on an effective blog, teaching a new class each and every time I instruct, rousing others to be their best selves, and the list goes on.

When I decide to do something months from now I commit a very long time to a preparation plan that can truly direct my regular daily existence. I know many of you are training for the NYC Marathon. You put in the miles, the exercises, the fuel, the rest, social media time, no sleeping in, etc. What does that do? It gives you the flexibility to be sure about your capacities and know you are prepared for what's to come.

So, keep doing what you do.  Your sacrifice is not a lost cause. You are doing awesome!

In Health,
Jessica Bailey

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Reasons to add Champagne to your life

Fabulous Reasons Why Champagne Will Never Go Out of Vogue

A Sign of Luxury

Champagne is a leading luxury drink, and nothing epitomizes luxury more than Marilyn Monroe bathing in champagne. Moreover, the blonde bombshell celebrity once filled her bathtub with 350 bottles of champagne and took a soothing soak.

A Champagne Fact You’ll Never Forget

A study conducted by the University of Columbia in 2013 shows that champagne contains proteins which are good for short-term memory. A study by Reading University in 2013 said that three glasses of champagne a is good for a sound memory

Heart Health

Many people believed that red wine is good for the heart, but champagne (which is often made from red grapes) is just as healthy. Researches found that the sparkling wine contained high levels of polyphenols antioxidants found in red grapes but less intensely in white. These antioxidants lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems.  In fact, Reading’s Dr. Jeremy Spencer, a man who dedicated his life to finding reasons for us to drink more, recommended that two glasses a champagne day will do the magic.

Champagne Sabering

Sabering is the processing of opening a champagne bottle with an actual sword. The conventional way includes slicing off the neck of a bottle with a single sword stroke.

Vegan - Friendly

Some champagnes undergo some processes using some refining material like gelatin and casein to purify the end product, but if you’re looking for a vegan option then Mo√ęt & Chandon, Korbel Natural Champagne, and Dom Perignon are your best options.

“Middle Finger to my Old Life” – Jay-Z

In 2014, Jay-Z, a long time champagne fan, bought Champagne Armand de Brignac from Sovereign Brands. A bottle retails for about $300. Fun fact- Hip-hop, rap, and R&B concert goers are 94% more likely to drink Champagne vs. an ordinary person.

Lift Your Spirits

Champagne lifts your spirit and it is also a mood booster due to the magnesium, potassium, and zinc, it contains.

Help Prevent Dementia

A glass or two of champagne could prevent the onset of dementia. Research in Pittsburgh found that the risk in studies was almost halved for those who drank ‘moderate’ quantities.

Gluten, Dairy, and Fat-Free

One glass(120ml) of Champagne contains about 0.9 grams of protein, 1.6 grams of carbs 89 calories and 0 grams of fat.

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In Health, Jessica Bailey

Friday, August 10, 2018

Gratitude improves your attitude

I've been thinking about gratefulness a lot lately. I think it's important to reflect on what I do have rather than what I don't. Bliss comes all the more effortlessly when we're cognizant about offering thanks in our day by day lives. All things considered, it isn't cheerful individuals who are grateful; it is appreciative individuals who are upbeat. Here are a few things I'm certain huge numbers of us can be grateful for now. 

Satisfaction comes all the more effortlessly when we're cognizant about offering thanks in our day by day lives. All things considered, it isn't cheerful individuals who are appreciative; it is grateful individuals who are upbeat. Here are ten things I'm certain a large number of us can be grateful for now. 

Appreciation isn't a training to put something aside for an exceptional event; it's a method for moving toward life. 

Life is great and delightful. Here and there it's difficult to see past the battle believe it or not before us, this I know. However in the event that you make appreciation a need in your life, and you will think that its less demanding to see the decency that is all near. 

Remember your good fortune as opposed to looking at what is wrong. 

Here are some basic updates that will ground you in reality that you truly are entirely honored to be alive at this moment. 

Things to Be Thankful for Today 

The constructive individuals throughout your life. 

Value the ones who give a shout out to you through the great circumstances and lift you up amid the terrible circumstances. In the event that you require more strong individuals throughout your life, search them out. Deliberately encircle yourself with great companions and cherishing relatives. 

Reach for the vitality you'd jump at the chance to live in, and recall that your good faith is a magnet, as well. 

Encircle yourself just with individuals who will lift you higher. – Oprah 

Nourishment on your plate and clean drinking water. 

Bunches of individuals around the globe are looked with circumstances significantly more critical than mine and yours. Their issues may really mean crucial today. Be thankful that you can eat and drink absent much misgiving. On the off chance that you can, accomplish something to help other people in require. 

Regardless of whether you give nourishment, cash, attire, time, or something unique, the littlest demonstrations of thoughtfulness can go very far. 

Continuously be somewhat kinder than would normally be appropriate. – J.M. Barrie 

You are perusing this. 

Is it true that you are perusing this on your PC, or your mobile phone? Offer gratitude, for that in itself is a blessing! The capacity to peruse is additionally a blessing. We're so honored to have the capacity to separate hindrances of time and space to speak with each other. It's extremely really astounding. 

Appreciation transforms generally minor things into prove that life is astounding. 

 Asylum and solace. 

In the event that you have a rooftop over your head, warmth in your home, a place to rest, a place to shower, shoes on your feet, garments, a methods for transportation… You have all that could possibly be needed. 

At the present time, you are honored with things that make your life more agreeable and charming, things deserving of your satisfaction and your appreciation. 

On the off chance that you need to feel honored, value the things that others underestimate. 

Rehash this confirmation over and over again each day: "I am thankful." 

On the off chance that you require motivation to get thankful, read these 7 updates. 

What and who are you appreciative for now? 

At the point when it's difficult to be appreciative, how would you spur yourself to offer gratitude? 

What appreciation hones improve about the past, more joyful in the present, and more cheerful about what's to come? 

If you don't mind share your contemplations, much obliged, valuable exercises learned in living without limitations, individual appreciation rehearses, and motivating or recuperating stories with me in the remarks. 

Please show this post to somebody who has something to be appreciative for. 

Be appreciative, intentionally

In Health,

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Healthy Eating. Nutrient dense foods

It appears that each time the climate changes, so does the research in regards to ideal nourishment. It's difficult to comprehend what's correct.

What Does Nutrient Dense food mean?

The greater part of us comprehend the idea of purchasing the best quality items at the best cost. We look for items that have high quality, however at a value we are content with. Spending less money without giving up wanted esteem is a fruitful shopping mission.

Picking foods that are both good for you and low in calories is important. So I've keep it basic. Here are a few nutrient dense foods you should include in your everyday life.

Alfalfa Sprouts

Awesome things come in little bundles and this is most likely the case with Alfalfa Sprouts. Because of high of vitamins and minerals, this supplement thick, blooming plant can give you a few medical advantages:

Lessens irritation – because of elevated amounts of vitamins C and B and additionally calcium

Brings down cholesterol – likewise thanks to a limited extent to impact of dietary fiber

Ensures the heart – on account of high iron and potassium

Decreases side effects of menopause – due to phytoestrogens

Ensures against disease – additionally because of phytoestrogens and calming properties

Imaginative Way to Get More Sprouts: We have all observed servings of mixed greens finished with crisp sprouts, however adding to a morning smoothie is another inventive choice.


The vast majority don't need to be persuaded to eat berries. In any case, not every person acknowledges what a lift to your well being they can give.

Ensure heart well being because of calming properties of anthocyanins

Anthocyanins help to lessen the glucose focus in blood which is useful in the event that you battle with diabetes.

Enhanced memory on account of high centralizations of anthocyanins.

Berries can fulfill your sweet-tooth. They are anything but difficult to pack as a late morning nibble or to sprinkle on a serving of mixed greens as a yummy expansion.

Here is another simple and sound approach to bring more berries into your eating routine. Overnight Oats

Blend a balance of Greek yogurt, almond drain, and oats in a reasonable jug or compartment of your decision. Set medium-term. Include new berries toward the beginning of the day and nectar to taste. Appreciate.


Have you bounced on the kale wagon yet? If not, at that point this is the thing that you are feeling the loss of… Kale's supplement thickness is incredible in the realm of veggies. It is overflowing with vitamins (A,C,K), cancer prevention agents, fiber, minerals, and a few bioactive mixes.

Kale has a 3:1 sugar to-protein proportion, which is uncommonly high for a vegetable.

A portion of the particular wellbeing points of interest you pick up from eating kale are:

Gastrointestinal help because of fiber content

A lot of calcium helps make preparations for osteoporosis

Here is an idea on how to use Kale: Simple Kale Chips

This is an ideal response to those late night munchies. Kale chips can fulfill your hankering for something salty and crunchy – all with an intense healthful punch.

Dark Chocolate

All things considered, the point could be contended that the best has been put last. Dark chocolate is a positive dietary treat for a great many people. In the event that you battle with feeling regretful when you enjoy milk chocolate, you should need to reevaluate that.

Its greatest  strength (beside taste) is the rich measure of cell reinforcements. Add to this a high fiber content and an large supply of iron, manganese, copper, and magnesium.
Cocoa in dark chocolate gives you these benefits:
Lowers risk of heart disease 
Supports brain function 
Lowers blood pressure

One Square a Day 

It doesn't get significantly less complex than eating one square of dark chocolate daily. Maybe the test comes in keeping it to only one. Make sure to purchase dark chocolate with no less than 70% cocoa to get the dietary punch you are searching for. 

Supplement Dense Foods Make Good Health

It might be "Mission Impossible" to get your nourishing decisions right 100% of the time. Notwithstanding when you know "what" to eat, self-control doesn't generally coordinate. In any case, by adding these foods to your normal routine you can help yourself. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

What is with the 1/2 naked gym selfies?

I hate the word 'selfie'. What does that mean anyway? It really bothers me that fitspo (a.k.a. fitness inspiration) is all about half-naked women with photoshopped abs & glutes and gals and guys basically wearing nothing at the gym.  Does anyone think these pics are going to motivate someone enough to clean up their diet and get to the gym or that fitness class?  Probably not.
Wellness pictures like the previously mentioned are all over Instagram. It's disturbing. As a wellness professional, there's nothing more Unprofessional than posting fit pics that look like soft core porn under the appearance of motivation. You know, the photos of young ladies lifting up their shirts in the locker rooms to flaunt their abs, or posturing for the camera with extreme lordotic lumbar stance keeping in mind the end goal to complement their rear. I take my job seriously and don't feel the need to validate my knowledge with a picture of me at the gym lifting my shirt. My students know I work out, they are not interested in seeing a booty shot. Pictures like the these are accomplishing more damage than good by making unreasonable standards. Oh, and just so you know those abs and glutes shots are so digitally enhanced, they're past practical for anybody!

No two bodies are the same. We are all built differently. Why are we taking the pursuit of health and self love and turning it into a 'who is hotter' competition? I think posting pictures of myself looking like a porn star makes me look super unprofessional. Do individuals that post these pics believe that potential clients will get in touch with them due to what they look like? Possibly on an extremely uncommon event, yet I'd contend that most of the time, these photos are driving individuals off and turning the viewer off.  As an fitness professional, that is the exact opposite thing I need. I want be viewed as an expert who helps other people on their wellness ventures. Pictures of me in a sports bra and short shorts don't encourage anybody.
Rather than setting the standard with a 6-pack and horribly low muscle versus fat ratio, we ought to center around how our bodies feel and what they can do. Spotlight on creating legitimate development in our bodies. Focus on building muscle and extending flexibility in order to enhance individual fulfillment (i.e. decreased lower back torment, improved posture, diminished muscle versus fat, which mitigates the weight set on the knees and lower legs.) The once-over goes on. Rather than praising the sexed-up super-fit, we should focus on well being. Spotlight on getting your body where it should be with a specific end goal to carry on with your most ideal life.
What motivates you? Do these sexed up pics do the trick for you? 
In Health,

Sunday, June 24, 2018

3 "healthy" foods to avoid

You eat healthy so why are your clothes fitting the exact same way before you started a healthy lifestyle? It could be due to a few simple and supposedly "healthy" foods that are killing your diet.

Always read the food labels before putting them into your cart at the store. Stay far away from products that contain any of the following: hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, other artificial sweeteners.

Here are 3 foods that can cause problems with your waistline:

1. Hummus 

Yes, hummus is better than dipping your veggies in Ranch dip. After all hummus is loaded with protein, heart healthy fats, and fiber. One tablespoon has 24.9 calories, 2.1 grams of carbs, and 1.4 grams of fat.

Hummus is not bad for you IF you control how much of it you eat A recommended serving since is two tablespoons. Have you ever ate only 2 tablespoons of the stuff? Probably not. An example of a serving size is dipping ONE carrot stick into hummus.

2. Commercial Granola

Yes, on it's own Granola has healthy grains and whole oats, but store bought granola can come with lots of preservatives, saturated fatty acids, and high fructose corn syrup.

A cup of granola that is prepared without extra fat and carbs is 400 calories.  Add that to your breakfast and it makes your first meal of the day calorie heavy.

If you are only relatively active and really watching your waistline, that's going to be about half of the daily average calorie consumption recommended for women.

Eat it in small doses or avoid it completely. It's just not the best healthy breakfast choice.

3. Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt contain probiotics, which are great for gut health, but steer clear of anything other than plain yogurt. You can add your own fruit to make it sweeter. Do NOT use toppings or flavors because they are full of added sugars. Oh, and only eat GREEK YOGURT, it will fill you up because of the high protein content.

I understand it's hard when you are told to watch the healthy foods that you eat, right? Be aware of the food you choose to put into your body. The ingredients should be easy to understand and should only be a list of a few things.

In health,
Jessica Bailey

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Your barre questions answered!

About 10 years ago I was teaching aerobics and sculpting when I heard about barre classes. I was intrigued so I went to Physique 57 in NYC to try it out. It was so hard and I remember looking at myself in the mirror during this "torture" class, I thought "never again!" Flash forward to 10 years later and not only do I love the burn, I teach barre full time.  The exercises are a mix of cardio and strength training, just what I was looking for 10 years ago. After class I always feel accomplished and motivated again, like I had finally found an exercise method that worked for me!

Ever since I became a barre regular, I've been getting quite a few questions and inquiries about it from people who have heard about it but want to know more. These are the questions I get asked the most:

1. What is it?
Barre is a full body workout that focuses on proper form, alignment, and posture while increasing strength, muscle tone and stamina. The ballet barre is used as a stability device allowing you to get deeper into the exercises. Props such as hand weights, bands, and balls also help take the movements to the next level--when you feel your muscles start to shake, you're doing it right.

2. Is it for women only?
No! Although the classes are mostly made up of women anyway. I'd say it's 98% women from what I've experienced. Sometimes women bring their significant others. It's never a big deal though! Anyone is welcome. :)

3. Do you even sweat?
YES. If you really give it your all, sometimes you can even be so sweaty you end up dripping on the mat (which is why they clean it in between each class). I always need a shower after barre, so if lack of intensity is your concern--you have nothing to worry about.

4. What's the actual barre for?
Lots of things! For some strength exercises, the barre is used as a prop to balance while doing exercises that focus on holding your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles combined with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. Your thighs will feel like they're on FIRE. In a good way. The barre can also be used with resistance bands/tubes for core, arms, and seat (AKA your butt) exercises. It's awesome!

5. I've never done it before; what if I embarrass myself?
Trust me, no one will be paying attention to you because everyone is ~in the zone~ and trying to focus on getting the movements right. Plus, the people aren't the type to judge anyway! No one is perfect. If you do need help, the instructor is more than happy to personally show you what to do. I still need assistance sometimes!

♥ ♥ ♥

If you want to try barre or even if you have, I invite you to take class with me (if you live in NYC). If you have any other questions about barre, or any other type of fitness class, don't hesitate to message me; I'd love to hear from you!

In health,