Sunday, September 15, 2019

Before and After Pictures and why you will NEVER see them on my blog or Instagram

I wager you've seen them.

The weight loss pictures that is.

Most Weight Loss Coaches, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists use them on their sites to show off their best customers.  The advertisements usually say:  'This Could Be You in Just 3 Months'.
With their assistance obviously.

These photos are appealing. Even nowadays when we are aware of the miracles of Photoshop, compelling lighting and lets' be honest, sucking in of the paunch.

I've done this myself. Purchasing a DVD, diet plan, and yes even a weight reduction item or two, in the vain expectation that one day, possibly one day, I will have my own after photograph.

 For what reason am I telling you why I loathe them?

1. When weight loss pictures just demonstrate a depiction in time. 

Duh, it's only a photo. These photos just showcase a moment of time. 

The hardest part is keeping the weight off.
Keeping up the way of life that accomplished the after picture 3 years, 5 years down the line.

That is the test. That is the thing that mentors don't promote.

In this day and age of no pausing, we need everything now.

In this way, quick, sensational outcomes are appealing.

In any case, don't be tricked, or attracted. With regards to weight reduction it's the long haul that is the hardest part.  Really, stop wishing you have that mysterious minute because it's not real.

2. When weight loss pictures don't disclose to you what it's taken to arrive at that "after" pic. 

Truly, it's anything but difficult to be pulled in by proof of sensational changes. Particularly in the event that you want to be there in only three months (see point 1).

In any case, what you don't know is the thing that it has taken to arrive.

  • Imagine a scenario in which it included eating only cabbage soup. 
  • Imagine a scenario where it included  24 hours a week in the gym. 
  • Imagine a scenario in which it included  1000 calories per day. 
  • Perhaps all it required was some innovative lighting and a tan. 

Those will enable you to get surprising outcomes in only 3 months. Be that as it may, would they say they are sound? Is it accurate to say that they are maintainable? Do they support a balanced, adjusted way of life that you can continue for a long time, 5 years, until the end of time?

Most likely not.

When you see weight loss pictures on Instagram or somewhere else on the internet - don't be enticed by the fantasy

Keep in mind, you don't have the foggiest idea what it has taken. You don't have the foggiest idea to what extent it will last. What's more, you don't have the foggiest idea on the off chance that they are genuinely happy.

Close the site and think about how you can make changes to your way of life that will make you more beneficial and more joyful.

The rest will come.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Obviously Meal Planning is completely indispensable to eating well on a budget so it's one of the top ways you can save $$$. 

You have to stick to your plan and truly focus on shopping for food on your list and be aware of cost  and that includes arranging out simple, snappy plans that don't utilize a huge amount of extravagant, costly fixings. 

Work out a week after week meal plan and basic food item list 

It's overly simple to work out a supper or lunch plan. I suggest doing it on Sundays; I plunk down and investigate my social schedule and after that arrange the plans I'm going to make for my lunches. 

It's additionally useful to investigate your fridge and cupboards to see what you as of now have close by so you don't purchase more than what you need or didn't go through and will turn will turn sour.

Simple tips for eating healthy on a budget:

Utilize solidified organic products and veggies – this diminishes sustenance squander and enables you to broaden the quantity of veggies you're utilizing in each dish. We use Misfits Market, whole Foods that are affordable and fresh but are just a little weird looking to sell in stores. Here's a 30% discount for you.  

Purchase produce when it's in season – veggies like cabbage, squash and broccoli will in general be less expensive throughout the winter months when they're in season. In like manner, apples are less expensive in the fall, berries are less expensive in the mid year, etc 

Use coupons and take a gander at your nearby grocery store flyer to perceive what's marked down 

Avoid the central aisles of the market – trust me, it's simply loaded up with garbage and it's more costly than purchasing essentials 

Shop for spices at your nearby $1 store. We shop
 for staples like oils, vinegars, toppings, sauces, and so on at your neighborhood grocery store – we like to get the stuff online from Instacart you can save a dollar or two on precisely the same fixings like ketchup, soy sauce, olive oil, and so on. When you're running low on these staples stock up! 

Talking about limited sustenance things, look for no-name items – again they are generally more than $1 less expensive and taste the EXACT same. 

Select less expensive protein sources like lentils, chickpeas, beans, eggs, quinoa and tofu – even a couple of meatless dinners every week can set aside you huge amounts of cash! 

I hope this helps you to be healthy on a budget? Do you have any tips? Ways that you save $?

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In Health,
Jessica Bailey

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Avocado and Eggs together?

Avocado eggs are one of those plans that shouldn't work however it completely, 100% does! The smooth avocado combined with the running egg is something mystical. Top it with salsa, or nearly anything will work. I have seen these avocado prepared eggs drifting around the web for a long time yet was truly reluctant to attempt eating them. Something about a warm avocado made me want to head running for the slopes. Be that as it may, I decided to try them! Brunch at a restaurant was a perfect place to try them, know what? They were incredibly scrumptious. The warm avocado wasn't strange in any way. Presently I am a devotee, warm avocado and egg by one way or another works.

Consider this dish for Breakfast. They are anything but difficult to prepare. Even I can do it. I have no cooking abilities, but I am learning.
When you are making this avocado and egg formula, there is one extremely significant thing to remember. Ensure that you scoop out a portion of the avocado in the wake of evacuating the pit. That little gap abandoned isn't enormous enough for a whole egg. You will have a wreck in the event that you attempt. Utilize a spoon to scoop out a decent size gap in the avocado where you will include the egg. Save the additional avocado to serve on top.

Could you truly prepare avocado oven?
To heat an avocado, my chef trained husband, suggests preheating the oven to 425 degrees. Scoop out a portion of the avocado to make a gap huge enough for the whole egg. At that point break the egg into the avocado and heat the avocado parts for 12-14 minutes or until the egg is set. The white part ought to be jiggly.

How would you microwave an egg in an avocado?

For a genuine easy route, you can really make these Avocado Baked Eggs in the microwave rather than the stove. Pursue similar advances - dig out a portion of the avocado and break in your egg. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for 60-90 seconds until the egg is set. Try to put your avocado in a bowl or on a microwave-safe plate since now and then the egg runs out a bit.

Besting Ideas for Baked Eggs in Avocado

Sundried Tomatoes: For a meatless choice, I like to utilize slashed sun-dried tomatoes rather than bacon. The marginally smoky flavor is scrumptious with the avocado and runny eggs.

Everything Bagel Seasoning: Quickly add it to anything with avocado. It couldn't be more yummy!

Chives or green onions: I am in love with chives and they make a perfect topping. They are mild and won't over power the eggs and avocado. I'm sure any dried herb will work!

Pico de gallo, Salsa, or Sriracha: If you adore hot sauce with your eggs, like my hubby does, at that point you will need it here also. You can utilize a standard hot sauce yet I lean toward utilizing pico de gallo,  or mild salsa. I'm not a spicy fan!

Eggs and Avocado is a great way to control hunger, keep food desires in check, and keep cortisol levels good. Eggs and Avo is a great breakfast to have 45-60 minutes of getting up before you workout.

What do you eat for breakfast?

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In Health,
Jessica Bailey

Sunday, August 4, 2019

B.O.? Or coverup your stench with perfume?

I know B.O. is nobody's BFF—particularly at the gym where everybody completes a great deal of sweating. In any case, I'm interested, do you spritz on your scent before you exercise? I ask in light of the fact that… 

as of late, I was teaching and a woman whose flower fragrance was drifting all around the room because she started sweating. It hadn't probably been newly sprayed on—either that or she washes in the stuff.  It really began giving me a headache so I can just envision how other students in the room felt.  I would have left the room if I wasn't teaching.

Now, about your fellow gym goers? I understand many individuals spritz on toward the beginning of the day and then they get to the gym during the evening, it's too subtle to really smell anymore. What's more, I understand the vast majority could never reapply just to sweat everything off. Be that as it may, I realize a few people are extremely jumpy about smelling stinky when they're buckling down, so I can perceive any reason why you may go for an additional spritz.

So tell me: Do you spray on perfume before you head to the gym? Found one that's light enough to wear while you sweat? Do you switch to body spray for such occasions? Hate when you can smell someone's fragrance when you're doing cardio?

In Health,
Jessica Bailey
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Saturday, July 20, 2019

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Last Monday, I went to a JLO concert. It was a celebration of her 50th birthday! She is iconic and exciting! She is a great example of body confidence. All her costumes are SKIMPY
but she totally owns it. It got me thinking about how many conversations I've had with myself or a female friend about our bodies and how they are not as slim, tall, beautiful, etc as we want it to be. One of my very good friends, who doesn't read my blogs, actually said "I have shoulders like a linebacker." For the record, she doesn't. She's beautiful inside and out. 
I know that looking through Insta and seeing individuals with ultra-toned bodies going on these ultra fabulous outings can def make me feel like sh*t. I bet I'm not alone. Actually, I know I'm not because research shows that the time individuals spend on Facebook/Instagram, the lower their confidence. 

Be that as it may, rather than simply erasing all your online life accounts (what other place would you find cute animal images and videos?), attempt these strategies next time you end up feeling like your body isn't just like a Insta picture.

 Rundown all the cool sh*t your body has helped you do. 

Rather than looking in the mirror and contemplating what you don't care for about your body, rationally recognize all that your body can do. 

 Talk about your favorite body part

Maybe it's your butt or your hair. Ensure you're additionally concentrating on the things that you adore about yourself. A few people take a gander at themselves in the mirror and express loathsome words. In the event that they're stating it for all to hear, at that point they're hearing that—they're underscoring the issue.

Pick a body part that you adore and let people hear about it. Even better,  believe it! 

Affirmations are your friend

That's right, all the more conversing with yourself in the mirror. Be that as it may, truly, it works. 
Here is one I like and that I do: 

I can do anything I set my focus on. 

Rehash it to yourself until you feel like a certainty ninja. After some time, these assertions will turn into your real conviction framework. 

 Do decent stuff. 

Volunteering and different sorts of philanthropy work are a simple method to like yourself, regardless of whether you're simply giving a couple of minutes or hours of your time. If you need help finding somewhere to donate your time, check out

 Converse with yourself like a genuine BFF. 

Shower yourself with over the top compliments. You know how Leslie Knope always showers her BFF Anne Perkins with over-the-top compliments in each scene of Parks and Rec? Definitely—you ought to do that for yourself. This was my favorite ‘Ann, you beautiful tropical fish. You’re smart as a whip, and you’re cool under pressure.’ 
But the following one works too!

On the off chance that you discover yourself calling yourself moronic, or hating on your appearance in the mirror, ask yourself: Would I say this to my closest companion, or my sister, or my mother? 

 Fake it 'til you make it. 

Grinning, giving a strong handshake, imparting unmistakably sans filler words, sitting upright, and accepting compliments are all things that I try to do. Granted, I'm not great at accepting compliments but I'm trying. 
Regardless of whether you're not feeling sure, you need others to trust you are.

I hope these body confidence tricks can help you to celebrate your awesomeness!

Jessica Bailey

Sunday, June 30, 2019

What do I do on a Rest Day?

I've end up looking through Insta and getting every one of the feels all the time. Watching you push past your breaking points and vanquish your goals is SO extraordinarily moving. You're executing it  ~ you ought to be so pleased with yourself. 

That is the reason today, I need to discuss resetting your body and mind love through dynamic rest. Keep in mind, changes to your body occur AFTER your exercise, not during it ~ so appropriate post-exercise care of your body is so significant. What you do on your dynamic rest days have a gigantic effect in your conditioning results! 

When you pursue your workouts, you benefit from the body-adoring advantages of resting your muscles, you really should be doing it that way. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, email me.  I got you! Every day you should work an alternate muscle group, which means the muscles are getting multi day of dynamic rest. I always want you to listen to your body, so if that means taking a day of body-loving rest, then do it! DYI spa day anyone?! 

Keep in mind your body superior is to any other person…tune in to it

Extend It 

Stretching is a significant piece of consistently, and on dynamic rest days we urge you to invest additional energy extending those muscles! The more you stretch and inhale oxygen into your muscles, the more versatile they'll turn into. Also, that implies you'll be less inclined to injury and you'll feel more grounded on your conditioning days! After a hot shower or hot shower, permit yourself a couple of minutes to stretch it. Warming your muscles initially is both relieving and significantly helpful in expanding your adaptability!

Hydrate, Hydrate, HYRDATE! 

Drinking enough water is key to taking advantage of a functioning rest day. Our bodies normally lose water when we work out, so it's SO imperative to recharge our cells with a lot of H2O! Additionally, remaining appropriately hydrated facilitates your muscles, gives your more vitality, and lifts your intellectual prowess! 


Above all, taking a functioning rest day is tied in with doing you. This implies giving yourself a lot of TLC ~ plan a back rub, go for a long stroll outside, get espresso with a sweetheart, or sign up for your preferred yoga stream class… whatever presents to you a feeling of physical and mental discharge. What's significant is that you keep your body in movement and you make the right decision for you! Setting aside effort for yourself enables you to be progressively present in each snapshot of your life.

Be well and take care of you!
Jessica Bailey

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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Super Foods Have Super Powers! Facts to know!

Almost every leafy food nowadays are being touted by the media as the next 'superfood', and I have definitely no issue with this. 

The following are my top choices of "super" foods that truly pack a punch, and you might be shocked to discover that not every one of them hail from distant corners on the planet. There may even be a couple of sitting in your freezer unbeknownst to you, holding super (wellbeing) powers. 

A portion of my 'normal' most loved foods include: 

Broccoli: this unfashionable cruciferous veggie should be restored as it is high in cell reinforcements, fiber, folate and is likewise notable for its malignant growth anticipating powers. 

Did you know veggies from the cruciferous family (cabbage, broccoli, Brussel sprouts,  kale and so forth)  expel cancer-causing agents, murder malignant growth cells, and keep tumors from developing? Now, that is super!

Kale: seems kale was on each superfood must have list since 2012.  It is fueled with fundamental nutrients and minerals and is phenomenal for your skin. 

Berries: best known for their anti aging properties. Likewise an extraordinary alternative when watching your weight as lower in sugar than generally natural products. Sounds like a win to me!

Wild salmon: contains bunches of vitamin D and selenium for solid hair, skin, nails and bones and wealthy in omega 3 unsaturated fats. 

Turmeric: I foresee turmeric will be the next big thing. It contains curcumin, a phytochemical that can hinder the multiplication of cancer cells and smother tumor vein development. Win! 

Tomatoes: high in lycopene, brimming with micronutrients, nutrients and cell reinforcements that work together in a manner that can avert malignant growth, coronary illness and different diseases. The more tomatoes you eat, the better. Cooking tomatoes is best of all since stewing them alongside some heart-solid oil, similar to olive oil, makes it significantly simpler for the body to retain the majority of the useful properties. 

Basil: Basil could be the most recent weapon in the war against wrinkles, as per new research. 
Containing cancer prevention agents that help to secure against free radicals, disease causing synthetic substances that assault organs like the heart, liver and cerebrum and harm nerve cells. As indicated by the Telegraph, Dr Shinde stated: 'The investigation approves the conventional utilization of herb as an adolescent advancing substance in the Ayurvedic arrangement of medication. It likewise depicts how the herb demonstrations at a cell level.' 

Other house hold staples which hold super properties include: 

Green tea: high in cancer prevention agents. 

Brazil nuts: high in selenium. 

Regular yogurt: contains great microbes to battle terrible microorganisms. 

Eggs: are a smaller bundle of sustenance that gives each nutrient with the exception of nutrient C. 

The runners up:  

Chia Seeds: rich in unsaturated fats and fiber. Consuming Chia seeds means you could be engrossing more calcium from a tablespoon of chia than you do from a glass of milk. 

Acaí: This South American organic product has been increasing enormous prominence over the world for a portion of its great medical advantages. Researchers today are as yet finding all the brilliant things that the Açaí berry can do, for example, makes the safe framework more grounded, hinders the maturing procedure, directs the dimensions of cholesterol in the body, improves flow and working of the heart, diminishes irritation, detoxifies the body. 

Maca – Maca is normally found in the Andes, at a high area where the land is infertile and climate conditions extraordinary. These unforgiving conditions could most likely be the motivation behind why the maca root is stuffed with supplements which makes it an exceedingly esteemed superfood. It is said to builds stamina and moxie, enables the endocrine framework to work appropriately, in this way taking out hormonal awkward nature, brings down pallor and lightens menstrual inconvenience and spasms, rich wellspring of unsaturated fats and sterols (and some more). 

For additional perusing on some enhancement 'superfoods' look at:

What Are Superfoods?

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In Health,
Jessica Bailey