Sunday, December 29, 2019

A New you for 2020 is BS

I’ve decided that the "New Year, New You" slogan I see everywhere is relentless and I’m over it. When I click the"unsubscribe" button on SPAM emails,  I feel so happy. I'm not interested in the negative emails from EVERY business there is. 
The "New Year, New You" emails are supposed to be motivating, uplifting and encouraging. Those emails are designed to sell gym members and juice cleanses at a time when they're most marketable and we're most vulnerable. The mass amounts of emails coming at me is crazy — while most of us are still polishing off the last of the Christmas cookies —  it can make us feel as though we’ve already failed within the first few minutes of the new year.
Oh, and how can I forget the tremendous pressure of New Year’s resolutions — which suggest that we have so much to improve upon; that we need to be better. This is silly! I hate this "idea."  We’re encouraged to set out a new set of goals, towards which to move to in the hopes of finding what we all want: happiness. 2020 hasn't even started and already, we’re exhausted, defeated and riddled with festive guilt. This seems ridiculous to me. 
Here is a positive thought: instead of subscribing to what’s become a very tired narrative, this year, let January be yours. 

 You can start anything any time.

Happy New Year,
Jessica Bailey
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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Gift Guide

Christmas comes once a year, make it the best one yet! Here are some things I really love, I hope this gift guide helps you buy for the awesome person in your life! I hope the discounts help you too! Happy Holidays!

If you follow me on Instagram you know I dig this company. They have some really cute things you need to buy for the champagne lover in your life. 
Use the code SASSYGIRL for a 20% discount
offer good until 12/31/19

I'm so into this awesome skin care line. They aim to give everyone access to safe, effective and lovable non-toxic sun care and skincare products. 
Use the code SASSYGIRL from 20% off on their site
Offer good until 12/31/19

Misfits Market is a weekly subscription of sometimes funny-looking, always delicious produce, designed to break the cycle of food waste. We love this service and I am forced to find ways to eat vegetables that normally I wouldn't choose. I am beyond excited every other week for our delivery.
Use the above link by 12/6 at 11:59 p.m. ET and you will get 50% off your first box 

I've been teaching in these socks for years. I truly support this company. They have so many cute styles that I really think you should check out and would be a perfect gift for the Barre/Pilates/Yoga lover. They are one of the first: into the studio out to the streets, great grip socks perfect for Barre, Yoga, Pilates and more. Functional fashion for a cause, Great Soles supports you in comfort and style from the ground up.
Use the code Jessica15 for 15% off

Use the links to check out the suggested sites and don't forget to use the codes I provided! Happy Shopping!

In Health,
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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving tips

Thanksgiving just comes around once per year, so why not feel free to binge on the food? Since putting on weight during the Christmas season is a national past-time. After a seemingly endless amount of time after year, the majority of us pack on in any event a pound (some more) during the special seasons - and keep the additional weight forever.

Be that as it may, Thanksgiving doesn't need to disrupt your weight.  With some pre planning, you can fulfill your longing for customary top choices and still appreciate a righteous Thanksgiving feast. 

1. Get Active

Make a calorie shortfall by practicing to consume off additional calories before you ever enjoy your meal. Eat less and practice more is the triumphant recipe to counteract weight gain during the special seasons. Increment your means or stretch your wellness schedule the weeks ahead and particularly the day of the dining experience.

Make wellness a priority. Go for a stroll after supper.

2. Have Breakfast

While you may think it bodes well to set aside calories for the large supper,  eating a little food in the first part of the day can give you more command over your craving. Start your day with a little however fulfilling breakfast -, for example, an egg with a cut of entire wheat toast, or a bowl of entire grain oat with low-fat milk - so you won't starve when you land at the social occasion.

Eating a nutritious meal with protein and fiber before you show up offers some relief from your hunger and enables you to be all the more segregating in your food and refreshment decisions.

3. Help Up

Regardless of whether you are facilitating Thanksgiving supper or carrying a couple of dishes to share, make your plans more advantageous with less fat, sugar, and calories. There is more sugar and fat in many plans than is required, and nobody will see the distinction in the event that you skim calories by utilizing lower calorie fixings.

Have a go at utilizing without fat chicken juices to treat the turkey and make sauce.  You can likewise attempt plain yogurt or without fat harsh cream in smooth plunges, pureed potatoes, and meals.

4. Police Your Portions

Thanksgiving tables are plentiful and lovely shows of customary family top choices. Before you fill your plate, overview the smorgasbord table and choose what you will pick. At that point select sensible measured parts of food you can't live without.

Try not to squander your calories on foods that you can have throughout the entire year. Fill your plate with little parts of occasion top choices that lone come around once every year so you can appreciate alluring, conventional food.

5. Avoid the Seconds

Attempt to not give into the impulse to return for second helpings. Remains are vastly improved the following day, and in the event that you confine yourself to one plate, you are less inclined to indulge and have more space for a scrumptious sweet. Pick the best wagers on the smorgasbord. While every one of us has our very own top picks.
White turkey meat, plain vegetables, simmered sweet potatoes, pureed potatoes, sauce, and pumpkin pie will in general be the best wagers since they are lower in fat and calories. In any case, in the event that you keep your bites little, you can appreciate whatever you like.

6. Gradually Savor

Eating gradually, putting your fork down among chomps, and tasting every significant piece is probably the most straightforward approaches to make the most of your supper and feel happy with one plate brimming with nourishment, specialists state. Picking entire grains, organic products, vegetables, juices based soups, plates of mixed greens, and different nourishments with heaps of water and fiber add to the sentiment of completion.

7. Go Easy on Alcohol

Remember those liquor calories that can include rapidly. Have a glass of wine or a wine spritzer and between mixed beverages, appreciate shimmering water. Along these lines you remain hydrated, limit liquor calories, and remain calm.

8. Be Realistic

The Christmas season is a period for festivity. With occupied timetables thus numerous additional allurements, this is a decent time to make progress toward weight management rather than weight reduction.

9. Concentrate on Family and Friends

Thanksgiving isn't just about the heavenly abundance of food. It's an opportunity to be with loved ones. The headliner ought to be loved ones mingling, getting to know each other, not exactly what is on the smorgasbord.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!
Jessica Bailey

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Saturday, November 9, 2019

How often should I be exercising?

Unfortunately, there's no magic number or basic recipe to answer this question. Much the same as with nutrition, what works for one individual may not work for another. Aside from what feels best for your body, there are various variables to think about when building up an exercise plan. 
One significant question to ask yourself, Why am I working out? People practice for some reasons – to remain solid, clear their brain, get in shape, tone up, or for wellbeing, to give some examples. Your best exercise routine will rely upon your inspiration just as the outcomes you're looking for. Whatever your reasons, there are a few baselines with respect to how frequently you ought to exercise. 
According to the American Heart Association, it's imperative to be physically active to avoid coronary illness (the main cause of death in the United States) and stroke (number five). The American Heart Association prescribes 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise every week to improve cardiovascular wellbeing. 
A simple method to accomplish that is to workout 30 minutes every day, five days per week. Many  health experts recommend that you should move your body each and every day. With such a significant number of us going through as much as eight hours sitting, it's imperative to try to be moving consistently, regardless of whether you can't make it to the gym. Taking a noon walk, taking the stairs, or getting off the train or transport one stop early are all extraordinary approaches to get in some extra steps. 
If you're hoping to fire up your exercise life, here are some useful tips:
1. Plan your exercises toward the start of the week. If you make a plan for which days you'll get moving you're more averse to avoid the gym.
2.  Build up an activity routine to keep you propelled and hitting your goals each week.
3. Recruit a buddy. If you focus on working out with a companion, you presumably won't settle on your love seat! This is likewise an extraordinary method to get up to speed and talk while adhering to sound habits.
4. Find something you enjoy. You're considerably more prone to get up for an early exercise or place in time toward the day's end if you are doing something you genuinely appreciate. Finding an exercise you love may require some exertion and time, but it's worth it. Why? You will get excited about your time at the gym.
5. Listen to your body. Pay attention to what your body needs, regardless of whether it's an additional rest day or a long open air run as opposed to hitting the loads. Try not to be reluctant to stray from your timetable to give your body some extra TLC. 
6. Be kind to yourself. As with any daily practice or propensity, we as a whole get off base on occasion. Ricochet back after a get-away, a liberal feast, or a bustling week, and recollect tomorrow is another day to move in the direction of your goals.

What does your exercise routine resemble?
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In Heath,
Jessica Bailey

Monday, October 21, 2019

Halloween Party The Smart But Fun Way

Halloween is a fun day brimming with costumes and obviously a huge amounts of sweets. Try not to fear, your creepy soiree can be both fun and solid with a couple of basic hints. 

Keep in mind Balance 

Remember, Halloween is only one day a year, and it's what you eat each day that has the most effect on your nourishment and wellbeing. Rather than making treats and sweet treats beyond reach, serve sound snacks first, and draw out the sweet treats later when everyone has topped off on increasingly nutritious nourishments. One thought is to pick orange nourishments for the sound alternatives, for example, carrots or prepared sweet potato fries. Have a go at including green guacamole "ooze" for a portion of heart-solid unsaturated fat. 

For a heartier decision, attempt dark and orange tortilla roll-ups made by layering refried dark beans  and low-fat provolone or mozzarella cheddar on a sun-dried tomato tortilla. 

Practice Portion Control 

For those exceptional sweet treats that you do permit, give little segments. Pick fun-size — rather than full-size — confections, little cupcakes or biscuits, and littler treats and brownies (think 2 inches). Serve every youngster as opposed to forgetting about treats on a table so as to manage what number of servings every kid expends. 

Make Your Own Healthier Treats 

Conventional Halloween treat is high in calories, sugar and fat, and gives little nourishment. Make your very own treats that have some dietary benefit by including a wellspring of organic products, vegetables nuts or whole grains. Attempt popcorn topped with cinnamon and sugar or chocolate-secured new natural product as more beneficial choices to treat. Go for pumpkin treats, for example, fiber-pressed cinnamon-broiled pumpkin seeds or nutrient A-rich pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 
Breaking point Leftover Candy 

At the point when the enjoyment of Halloween is finished and guests are left with bunches of sweets, put the treats in a spot that is far out and you may find that you'll forget about it. You likewise can blend remaining treat with entire grain oat, nuts and a couple of pretzels to make a hand crafted trail blend for snacks. 

Make this Halloween a chance to appreciate exceptional treats, with some restraint, as a major aspect of a general sound eating routine.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Surprise Trip!

For our anniversary, my husband surprised me with a trip — he told me that we'd be taking a trip so I could make proper arrangements and how to pack but that was it. I knew nothing else.  The suspense was fun and very exciting. I had no idea where we were going.
I love planning vacations but it can get exhausting making every decision. This way was so fun! I thought this style of trip made for a relaxing vacation and it did eliminate all of the time and energy that goes into planning,
I loved the idea of a vacation that hinges on suspense!

So, where did we go....Milan, Italy! It was magical! I felt like I was in a dream. I truly loved every moment. 
Here are just a few pics of our trip because no one wants to see an entire album of pictures of someone else's vacation. You are welcome! 
The first two pics are in the city of Milan and the last two were taken in Belliago, Italy
In salute,
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Saturday, September 28, 2019

7 Reasons Why You Should Take a Surprise Trip

Why a secret excursion is just what you need to truly relax:

1. Venture Out of Your Daily Routine

My husband planned a trip for us. All he told me were the dates we would be away and how to pack. That's it! Everyday we talk about this mystery trip and he names a different city each day in our conversations. I have no clue where we are going because of this. It's so exciting to be in suspense. I'm ready to sit back, unwind, and appreciate the fervor of truly switching things up.  I know he's going to plan something awesome so I'm totally on board.
As soon as I find out, I'll post pictures. I'm leaving soon!

2. Offer the Control-Freak a Reprieve

He is helping me totally unwind. With an unexpected trip, I didn't have to spend endless hours arranging. He has given me a chance to be in a circumstance where I can't foresee the result. By not having a moment by-minute arrangement, I will have the option to genuinely have a good time!

3. Get Yourself

By not arranging anything and relinquishing all the pressure, an unexpected trip can show you a great deal about yourself. I feel relaxed already and I haven't even left yet.

4. Bond with your friends

It's so fun to guess with your friends where you might be going. They have ideas of where you are going. The suspense is fun! You have something more to talk about then the weather!

5. Dodge Choice Paralysis

Being a grown-up means having to continually decide – from what film to watch on Netflix, to what to eat for lunch, and how to reply to a nasty email. With an unexpected trip you won't need to choose where to go! That is my favorite part. My husband is giving me a chance to be spoiled and, make on a significant adult choice for us.

6. Revive That Romantic Spark

Nothing beats the rush that comes from a decent shock. Indeed, nothing with the exception of sharing new experiences together! I just know that whatever we do, my excitement will rub off on him and we can truly enjoy our vacation. It is said that surprises are the flavor of life, and that is unquestionably valid in any long term relationship. Shock and energy are similarly as significant.

7. Since Science Says So

At long last, if nothing else persuades you, let science do it for you. A great deal of research has been done on the impacts of shocks on the cerebrum. Things being what they are, shocks flood our frameworks with dopamine and actuate the joy focuses of our mind. Concentrates likewise demonstrate that astonishments escalate our feelings by 400 percent. It feels great to be astonished. It feels extraordinary to travel. I'm so happy he is blending the two!

I'm totally looking forward to getting out of the city and going on my surprise trip.
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