Thursday, July 24, 2014

Drink Up! Tips for drinking more water daily

6 Tips for drinking more water every day.
1. Get up and start your day with a glass of fresh cold water
2. Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before your meals
3. Drink water with your meals rather than any other beverage.
4. Carry a small bottle of water with you at work and while exercising.
5. Drink water every time you get a craving
6. Track your daily intake – some people find it easier to drink the recommended amount of water per day when they track the number of glasses consumed.

Find no excuses – drinking water is necessary for a healthy body and can also aid weight loss. Many people find excuses for not drinking water but believe me once you do it for 2-3 days it will become a habit.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Secret Eating

Spend enough time with fitness professionals, though, and the truth starts to seep out. Slowly at first, and then often as a flood once the dam breaks.
The not so secret fact that no one wants to come clean about, is that some fitness professionals don’t feel great, they gain weight and get exhausted listening to your problems when they too have issues.
That’s right. They’re frustrated with their diets. Unhappy with their body composition, alternating back and forth between beach body and bagel bum.
After teaching I ALWAYS get asked what I eat. People think I’m a crazy diet almost all of the time just because I’m in the fitness industry. I’m not, and those that know me would laugh at the thought.
Just yesterday a respected health coach and I were talking about crazy diets and how insane they are. I don’t recommend them...AT ALL. Guess why? They are crazy! There is a reason whey 95% of dieters not only put all the weight back on, but they gain more. Partly physiological (ie your body) and partly psychological (ie your mind), crazy diets are just that. They make you crazy, obsessed and miserable. And celebrities have no right to use their influence to say they lost weight and got fit because they did nothing but drink maple syrup and lemon juice for 2 weeks. It’s downright dangerous. There is only one way- a healthy, nutritious, mindful lifestyle with good food and lots of movement. It’s very upsetting to know that just because a celebrity is saying it that most people will think about doing it. My hubby was talking to me about doing a crazy juice diet. I got so upset that he was even considering partaking in such a dangerous diet. I started off on a rant about how it’s awful for you. He knows better, he LIVES with me. He hears  my thoughts on the matter all the time but he hears about how people in the media lose weight fast and it’s tempting. (In hindsight he was probably just trying to rile me up. Which he did. BUT this post was born. So, thanks!)
I don’t use supplements. This is simply because I love food so much that getting enough nutrients from food for me is the best option. I teach and train a lot so I need to stay healthy. For me, food is the cure. For others, it’s a protein shake. I’m not saying never to supplements, but right now I get all I need from good old-fashioned food.
So, what do I eat? And what do I advise you eat? Well, firstly let me just say I am by no means telling you what to eat. There are all sorts of allergies and intolerances and moral choices out there that make each and every person’s diet different.
This is what works for me. And can very easily be described:
- lots of eggs (up to 4 a day sometimes, and yes, whole eggs and yes my cholesterol is just fine thanks)
- lots of veg (eat the rainbow, I eat leafy green EVERY single day)
- moderate amounts of meat (chicken or fish)
- small amounts of fruit (about one portion a day, and usually berries with natural yogurt)
- small amounts of white stuff (potato, bread and rice. I make up for it with extra veg/meat and if I
really want bread I go for the dense grainy type)
- small amounts of dairy (this is tough for me, I love cheese!)
Some weeks are better than others. Some weeks I eat REALLY well for 6 days and have an ‘eff it’ cheat day. Those days are awesome :)
Other weeks I’m busy and only eat once or twice a day. This is not a sin, I simply eat more at once rather than smaller amounts all day.
I try and listen to my body. I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full. I drink plenty of water.
And if I want a pizza sometimes, I’ll have it (just not EVERY time I think about it!) Oh, and chocolate.
So I hope that clears up a few issues. I make it work for me, and that is the only advice I’ll give to you too. Find what works, and do it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Things A Virgin Says

Is the common response I get when we do an assessment with a new female personal training client after a month of training. Invariably, the scale has gone up a few pounds and their frustration level goes through the roof because they feel like they’ve been “doing everything right.” Most of the time it is true.
I go through a quick variation of the following information with them, they feel better about it, and 4 weeks later they squeal with delight when the scale has shown a significant drop. Why does this happen?
When someone starts transforming their body with diet changes and exercise an almost infinite number of changes start to happen under the surface. This will be an explanation in the simplest, non-scientific, terms possible.

The following statement is important, so focus: For the weight on the scale to go down from fat loss, you would need the fat mass to decrease while everything else remains exactly the same. It’s very difficult for this to happen, as the processes that bring about fat loss also bring about increases in fat-free mass. In fact, you have 3 main areas that can gain mass (water, muscle, and bone), and only one that can lose – fat.
The first thing that happens when you start to exercise is that previously unused muscle begins to fill up with water, glycogen (sugar, for fuel), and other nutrients. Your body can hold a tremendous amount of water, even up to 75% of your body weight can be water.
The next thing to increase is the muscle tissue itself. Everyone has heard the (usually mis-spoken) phrase “muscle weighs more than fat.” Muscle is of course more dense than fat, meaning for the same amount of weight it takes up significantly less space, or volume. As a result, someone can look remarkably “better” (better is in the eye of the beholder, if we’re talking about appearance) but weigh more on a scale.
Finally, bone is the slowest tissue to change. Bone density does increase with weight training, and is in fact one of the major benefits of lifting. In the discussion of fat loss, changes in bone density do not have an appreciable impact on scale weight.
Changes to fat tissue begin to happen after body water changes, but before significant increases in muscle tissue. Within as little as two weeks of training and eating appropriately for fat loss, fat tissues begin to decrease.
Where the body selects to remove fat is impossible to control. Reductions may be virtually un-noticeable because they are distributed so evenly, or a significant change to one area could happen all at once.
Realistic expectations for fat loss are an average of 1lb of fat mass per week for men, slightly less for women. Many factors affect this, and it’s important to note that a 1lb per week average could mean 2lbs in one week, and none the next.

Tracking multiple measurements will help you stay calm even in the face of an adverse measurement. Ideally, track body weight, electronic body fat, and circumference measurements head to toe. If everything is moving in the wrong direction, it might be time to consider a change. But, if one metric is undesirable and the rest are looking positive then you know to stay the course.
Change is Good!

All of these changes that happen under the surface are good things. Your body is amazingly good at regulating itself. There are processes in the body that are regulated so precisely they defy science to replicate that consistency. If you take care of the inputs – just the right amount of good food, an appropriate amount of challenging exercise, and plenty of sleep, your body will take care of the rest. It may take more time than you expected, or it may take much less. Keep going!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Need Some Energy? The answer: ENERGYbits! + Giveaway!


In this modern world, each individual is looking for perfect, chiseled physique. We spend lot of our time, energy as well as money in order to achieve our dream body. But most people can’t keep up with the pace of regular exercise because their body tires quickly. If you are struggling with the same problem then you need not to worry at all as here is the product of 21st century “the energy bits” that is going to be the ultimate solution in body sculpting. Moreover, it is tested and certified by NASA and other drug authorities.
These tablets (bits of food) contain lot of quintessential components that are really important for our body. Each bit gives you equal amount of energy and power as your food. It will fulfill your bodily need of protein that is required for repairing or building muscles. These bits are made with 100% organic spirulina algae and are loaded with many nutrients and are easy to digest.

Pros of ENERGYbits
These bits increase energy, stamina and mental strength at the same time. It is high protein diet that will fulfill all needs of body for daily works. It is also very helpful to purify our blood and keeping right amount of sugar in blood. It will improve digestion and immune system. If you are struggling from attention deficit disorder then it will help your mind to overcome the stress and exhaustion and that will give you relief from this problem. You should take it before exercise or early in the morning and this will invigorate your mind and body.
Cons of ENERGY bits
If Spirulina protein created by algae is infected and even then it has been taken then it can cause food poisoning. If you are struggling through any major disease and you have to take lot of drug related to that illness then you should avoid these pills. It has not been proven that it causes any damage to our body but be vigilant if you are dealing with sickness, simultaneously.   
All in all, if you are looking for the best energy product that can give you balance for your normal physical and mental works without tiredness then this is recommended product because lot of “sport stars” use this product habitually to increase their performance.
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Belly Fat? You Might Be Doing Too Much Exercise!

Is belly fat still on you even though you are constantly active and exercise all the time?  Well, if you’re one of those people that exercise regularly and eat really well but can’t seem to get rid of your stubborn belly fat…it may be that you’re simply doing too much.
I think I need to make this clear when I write "exercising too much," I’m talking at least once a day and for a duration of an hour at minimum doing mostly cardio related activities. And eating “really well" meaning all whole foods with no refined carbohydrates and the proper ratio of protein, carbs and healthy fats. Honestly, most people don’t fall into this category.

Well, believe it or not you may actually be doing too much! I know these kinds of people and it is really upsetting to witness. As much as exercise and being active is good for your body, it does have it’s down side when your body can’t recover enough. When your body is exposed to cortisol for longer than normal periods, it starts to produce negative effects.

Your body has an amazing capacity to adapt, which is what makes your body so resilient. It's awesome! BUT, if you keep demanding TOO MUCH from your body, without the necessary rest and recovery, it will start to compromise and compensate in an effort to keep functioning. Your stubborn body fat…especially belly fat…is just one of the ways it's easy to tell if you are putting yourself under too much stress. It might be time to reaccess your lifestyle.

So, if you happen to fall into the category of being over-stressed and over-exercising, without adequate rest and recovery… this is what I recommend:

1. Keep your workouts intense but short. Less than 30 minutes! Including 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. These workouts are much more effective at promoting fat burning hormones that target your stubborn fat. Your workouts should be intensity dependent (think high energy and quick like a sprint) and not time dependent, so you don’t need to worry about exercising for hours. If you spend a lot of time doing long cardio all that is happening is your body eating away at your lean muscle mass which is essential for increasing your metabolism to burn more calories.  And it dramatically increases your appetite making you more susceptible to unnecessary snacking and over eating.   

2. Recovery and rest are often times more important than exercising.  If you’re feeling sluggish or drained of energy you can do an active recovery instead like an easy walk, hike, leisurely bike ride or if you’re really tired, take the day off.  Remember, it’s during periods of rest that your body does most of the fat burning, so don’t short change yourself.  Proper rest and recovery means you’re enabling your body to burn more fat. This is NOT an excuse to be lazy though.

3. Keep a good diet. If you’re cortisol levels are out of control, even a little indulgence can produce significantly negative effects. Your diet should be composed of a well balanced ratio of whole foods, which should include ample amounts of dark green leafy vegetables (ie. kale, spinach, collard greens, chard, etc), fruits especially berries (ie. blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.) and cruciferous vegetables (ie. broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage etc.) which are all high in antioxidants.  These foods will help fight the negative effects of (too much) stressors.  Keep away from refined sugar and alcohol…which (unfortunately) also happen to be the two foods your body craves most when you’re overstressed.  Keep in mind that it’s not forever, once your cortisol levels are back to normal a little indulgence is completely fine, but during times of cortisol overload, it’s best to stay away from any foods that’ll makes thing worse.

If you’ve had a real tough time getting rid of that last bit of stubborn (belly) fat, it may be that your body is overwhelmed and needs more time to rest and recover, and if so try implementing these simple steps.  You may be pleasantly surprised at how simple but effective these steps are in helping you finally shed that last bit of fat.