Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't Quit

I get it. Life gets super busy sometimes. I know slacking on your diet and exercise is very common but know that once you go back to eating foods that you cut out and skipping workouts, it’s so easy to fall back into your old routine and completely lose motivation. Don’t lose hope. Here are some tricks to help you get back on track.

1. Close your eyes and focus. Why are you working out to begin with?
What has brought you to workout in the first place? Is a big event coming up? Health problems? Gained a little weight and now nothing fits? Take the time before each workout to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Doing so will help you to make the changes that will make your workout as best as it can be.

2. One Step At A Time

Jordin Sparks was onto something when she sang “One Step At A Time.” The hardest part is getting to the gym or fitness studio. So put on your sassiest fitness gear and get to your workout. Once you get there commit to doing 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes if you find yourself not wanting to be there then go home but chances are you will feel your mood elevate and you’ll finish the workout.

3. Look at how far you’ve come.

Put on an item of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore because it’s too big. Small accomplishments deserve to be acknowledged. Just because you have one really big goal doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the smaller things. Keep the big picture in mind but don’t forget to praise yourself for all that you have done so far.

It’s great that you are working out but you need to stay committed. Doing these simple things will help. Good Luck Sassy One!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Little Goes A Long Way When It Comes To Joint Pain

Stiff, achy joint pain is common. The fear of causing more pain and joint damage with exercise is very normal but I’m here to tell you that moderate physical activity within the limits of your comfort is actually good for you. If you exercise regularly you can actually decrease pain, improve joint function not to mention help keep your weight under control. Awesome news! As you know extra weight means more stress on joints.
Ok, so now what? What kind of exercise should I do? Of course the first thing to do is talk to your doc or physical therapist. If she/he says it’s ok, try some low-impact exercise to keep you limber, strong and help to reduce your weight. Also muscle training is key. You can do this with exercise bands, free weights, machines, even your own body weight! Make sure you are working against gravity.
If your knees are an issue make sure you are working the quadriceps muscles (top of your thigh). Strong thighs help protect the knee.

Here is a super quick workout you can do without any equipment that is joint friendly. Do it at least 3X a week.

Shoulder Roll

Roll your shoulders forward for a count of 10 and back for 10. Make sure you are using your full range of motion during the movement. If an area fills tight try to relax as you move your arms in a full circle like a swimming movement.

Down and give me 10
Push ups
Full form or modified push ups. (Modified means on your knees) Lower yourself until your chest nearly touches the ground, and then push back up. As you straighten your elbows, push your spine toward the ceiling (to help engage your back muscles). You don’t want to strain your back so don’t let your stomach hang down toward the floor. Try to imagine that you are tightening your belt one extra notch. Keep your core tight the entire time. If your lower back starts to hurt, raise your butt slightly. Look one foot ahead of you on the floor while completing your push ups.

Opposites attract
Opposing arm and leg lift
Get down on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees slightly separated under your hips. Your back should be flat. Imagine balancing a glass of water to keep your back parallel to the floor. Reach your right hand forward and your left foot back, and stretch them as far away from each other as possible, keeping your right hand higher than your head. The higher your arm goes up, the more work your back has to do, and the more effective the exercise. Now, bring your right elbow to your left knee. Do 20 on this side, then alternate and do it with the other leg and arm. If you are more advanced, you can move your arm and leg out at a right angle from your body, keeping them above your spine. Your stomach should be pulled in the entire time, supporting your lower back.

Walk the Plank

Planking might have been so 2011 but this kind of plank never goes out of style. Doing a plank is one of the best abdominal exercises you can do for yourself. Get into a push-up position with your elbows and toes on the floor, while pushing the area between your shoulders toward the ceiling and keeping your stomach pulled in toward the lower back to support it. Keep your buttocks tight and your eyes looking past your finger tips. This is a good time to note the condition of your nails. If needed after you finish your workout go and get a mani. Hold the position for as long as you can. If you can last more than 1 minute, make it more difficult by trying to balance on one foot.

Sit it out
Wall sit
This one can get intense so don’t back away from doing it. The burning sensation you feel in your thighs is a good thing. It means you are working one of the biggest calorie burning muscles in your body. Yes, it’s tough but you are stronger than you think. With your back against a wall slide down into a chair position (no actual chair under you please) and hands palms-up, resting on your knees. Keep furniture near you or under you so you can grab it to help yourself back up when you're done. Keep your heels directly below your knees and at a 90-degree angle; your shoulders should be rolled back, and the back of your head should be against the wall. Hold for as long as you can, and try to work up to 2 minutes. Keep your face relaxed, and breathe

Sit and Lift Your Lovely Gams
Seated leg lift
Sit with your legs straight out in front of you. Bend your right leg up with knee pointing toward the ceiling. To keep your back straight, interweave your hands around this knee. Act like there is a string pulling from the top of your head, elongating your spine (and don't bob your head). Lift your straight left leg 6 inches off the ground, keep your left toe pointed toward the ceiling. Lift 25 times, then switch legs. Do each leg twice.

Release your thighs
Quad Stretch
While standing on one leg, bend the knee of the opposite leg, and grab the foot behind your back with one hand (use one arm to hold something to keep balanced). Pull the foot toward your butt while letting the arch of your foot fall into your hand. Switch legs. Keep your abs pulled in the entire time to support your lower back. Hold each for 20 seconds.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ways A Sassy Girl Can Stay Slim

You've done it! After all of your hard work and dedication you've lost weight! Now you can't just slack off and expect the weight to stay off. You must mind your mouth! These simple ideas will help your sassy jeans stay zipped so you can look funky fresh wearing them!

Be nice to yourself and plan to fail
Nothing worth having comes easy. Life has many bends and bumps so the best thing you can do for yourself is come up with a contingency plan. You will be able to adapt to the unexpected. And it will happen. When it does, you will get back on track, pronto! Remember to be successful you have to be persistent.

Baby Steps
One minor gesture will make you more likely to stick to your plan. Maybe throw out unhealthy foods in your cabinets, or buy a pedometer. Why stop at one small thing when you can commit to two? Like doubling your veggie intake per day. Do one small thing and that will make it easy to do two.

Don’t obsess with the number on the scale
Natural fluctuations occur for everyone ex: more sodium intake, that time of the month, etc. The number on the scale is just that...a number. Probably some arbitrary number at that! I suggest picking a range to shoot for instead of a certain number. Pick a range that is comfortable for you. It will help with feeling like a success or a failure.

And the most important rule

Consume whole foods and products with short ingredient list. Basically if you can't pronounce an ingredient you should not be putting that in your body, so DO NOT eat it! What you do decide to eat I suggest you practice portion control. There is no need to go hog wild. You will eat again so don't go all Homer Simpson and stuff your face. Also try to eat less red meat, increase your produce intake and eat more whole grains.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Strength Train At Any Age and Fun Summer 2012 Workout Playlist

Even though you may be over 65 you still can lift weights. To continue being sassy weight training will help you build bone density and helps with muscle mass. That means improved flexibility, coordination and balance, not to mention lowering your chances of getting osteoporosis. Now that is super sassy!

On a completely different note. I made a playlist that I'm going to use today. I've had a rough week and needed something to give me an extra push. This playlist is designed to help propel you to a strong finish to your workout.

Brokenhearted by Karmin
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson
Turn up the Music by Chris Brown
Beat It by Michael Jackson
Indestructible by Robyn
I'm a Machine by David Guetta, featuring Crystal Nicole
Get Yourself Back Home by Gym Class Heroes
Lights by Ellie Goulding
Countdown by Beyonce
All I Need by Natasha Bedingfield, featuring Kevin Rudolf

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Do you have shoulders that are rounded because of poor posture? A sassy girl stands up straight and here are some daily habits you can do everyday to fix your posture!

1. Stand in a doorway with your arms on each side, elbows bent and step forward slightly one foot, back then other foot back and slowly stretch the pecs and chest to open. Feels great. Breathe fully. Don't over do it.

2. When standing anywhere, clasp your hands together behind your lower back and stand like that while you talk or wait in line etc. This opens the chest and forces you to pull your shoulders back and over a period of time will train your pecs to be longer and your back and scapular muscles to be shorter. Breathe fully into the chest and hold the head tall with chin pulled back but not down. Ear lobe should line up with center of shoulder when standing tall.

3. Go to a chiro or osteopath and ask them to put you into your correct posture so you have a felt sense of how far you need to go.

4. Just like anything else it’s important to be consistent and patient. It takes years and years to develop poor posture so it will take some time (many months) to correct it because many changes in both large and tiny muscles are involved.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sassy Girl Goes For Gold!

I don’t know about you but seeing the athletes bodies in the 2012 London Olympics is inspiring. Hello swimmers! Nice abs! Muscled legs, backs, abs, and arms all carefully sculpted for power, speed, and endurance. I sure as heck want an Olympic body and it got me thinking can’t everyone look like that? The answer is “Yes!” Now I know that most people can’t devote the kind of time the Olympic Athletes do to their training but if you want to shape up here are some tips to get a body like Misty May Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

1.)Eating right is the #1 focus for anyone trying to make positive physical changes. No matter if you are a professional athlete or a desk jockey. Content not calories is the priority. Eating fruits, veggies, lean proteins is a given but pay attention to your sugar intake. If you aren’t burning sugars when you workout guess what happens.....you gain weight! Eeeek!
Eating frequently also increases your body's metabolism, which means it will burn more calories.
Most Olympic athletes eat five to six meals a day, with protein at each, to increase lean muscle mass and maintain maximum efficiency. So plan to eat smaller meals, ideally two and one-half to three hours between each.

2.)Hire a personal trainer. I know spending the money might make you hesitant but having an individually tailored program will make you see results. Trainers hold you accountable! If you really can’t afford a trainer find someone who is as dedicated to fitness as you and train together.

Most important enjoy the endeavor. And once in awhile treat yourself. Personally I love Dairy Queen’s M&M Blizzard.