Saturday, November 26, 2016

Holiday Season Eating

I don't know about you but Christmas is seriously stressful for me when it comes to eating healthy. It can be challenging if you have eating issues. Why? Well, for me, I gave up sugar 7 months ago. I gotta try not to eat the food I am surrounded by.  I'm strong but I don't know if I'm strong enough yet for this. Guess, I gotta put on my big girl underwear and step up my game.
This got me thinking. I know this time of year brings on a lot of unsettling feelings. The following are some tips to avoid eating compulsively during the Holiday Season:
1.  Remember that deprivation leads to binging. Don't put anything on your DO NOT eat list. Tell yourself that you can have whatever you want but that you choose to only put foods into your body that make you feel good.
2.  Acknowledge the foods you enjoy. Enjoying them is not a sin. You don't have to earn your food. Food is a necessity in life and you should enjoy every single time you open your mouth.
3.  Tell yourself : “This holiday season, I will not diet”  This will take the pressure off of you. This does not mean you can go hog wild and eat an entire pie night after night.
4.  Do NOT deprive yourself, ahead of time. Just because you know that you have a holiday party on Friday you should NOT starve yourself until then. Doing this will backfire and make you gorge.
5. Inquiring minds want to know. Ask for the recipe, if you love something you tried. If you get the recipe and it's made of things you know you shouldn't put into your body all of the time, find ways to modify the recipe.
Whatever you do, do not criticize yourself no matter the weight or shape of your body.

 photo   Enjoy your holiday.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday Help. Avoid weight gain with these tips.

The holidays are coming up. This does not mean you can “relax” on your fitness and diet between now and the New Year. Just because you have parties, travel or holiday shopping does NOT mean you can “skip it.” You can avoid holiday weight gain, start now! Plan your holiday “attack” and watch what you put in your mouth every single day! During the holiday season we eat on average an extra 619 calories a day, that means an extra 5 lbs of fat.
Do you need some help getting on the right path? I'll help. Here are some things you can do:
  • If you are not already exercising, start immediately! If you already are then slightly increase the intensity. Do both cardio and strength training intensely.
  • Do you walk enough? Be honest. Try to increase your daily steps over the course of the next 30 days. Add an additional 500-1000 steps to your weekly step count. Most smart phones will do this if you have the device on your person. It's the "health" app. It has a heart on it.
  • I know Starbucks is calling your name this time of year. Try to resist. Sugary flavored coffee has empty calories. Drinks like soda, juices, and alcohol do too. Watch out! On average a person consumes an additional 450 calories a day from these beverages.
  • Avoid alcohol, if possible, I get that you want to drink at holiday parties so try to have a glass of water in between cocktails when you do drink.
  • Hydrate yourself EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Start each morning off with 16 ounces of water.
For most the holiday season means weight gain, it doesn't have to though. You should workout to maintain your current lean muscle and body weight so that you can enjoy a little holiday indulgence.
 photo take away from this post is not to get off on the wrong foot this Thanksgiving. If you have 1"bad" day, there is always the next day to get back on track and re-focus.
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Holiday Travel

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. This means it is the busiest time for travel. If you are traveling by plane, train, or car I have 6 tips to get you to your destination a little more healthier and happier!


You have two legs so use them.
I realize that moving walkways are faster than walking on the regular walkway. Really do you need to get to your gate faster if you already have a 2 hour layover? Resist the urge to be lazy and walk next to, not on, the walk ways. Take the stairs while you are at it

Bring your OWN food onto the plane.
No more do you get little packets of pretzels or peanuts on most domestic flights. Make sure you stash a healthy option in your carry on so you won’t be tempted to swipe your credit card out of convenience. You really don't need that $10 bag of overpriced Trail Mix, do you? Need a suggestion? A simple sandwich and a piece of fruit are easy to get through the security check.


Stand Up
Every chance you get, stand. Get on your feet when you’re waiting for your train to board, after finding your seat, and once the train gets moving.  You can sit when you are actually traveling. You don't need to "practice" sitting down before.

You don't want your blood to pool in your extremities. Move your body in simple ways while seated. Roll your neck, gently twist your back side-to-side, roll your ankles and wrists, lift and lower your feet.


Carry Water  I think this one is a no brainer. Find a water bottle that fits in your car’s console and take it with you wherever you go. Stay hydrated with water and it will be easier to avoid high calorie sodas, juices, and energy drinks, during rest stops.

Sneak in some fitness. This one is a super easy way not to feel stiff when you arrive at your destination.  Wear your sneakers on the road and workout clothes and turn pit stops into exercise zones. Jog around the parking lot, find a bench and do a few pushups or triceps dips, or pack a jump rope in the trunk and get in a few skips next to the car.

 photo are super simple ways you can "enjoy" your holiday travel this year.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Karma, it's real!

I've been thinking about Karma a lot recently. The simple Google answer to what Karma is...destiny or fate, following as effect from cause. To break it down, if you're doing good things, good things happen in return and vice versa.

I believe in karma and my husband gives me flack about it. He does not believe. He thinks I'm insane that I'm constantly talking about it. For me, it helps me let go of things out of my control when it comes to others. This does not mean I don't stress about other's actions because I do. Being lied to for example sucks and speaks more about the person doing the action, but guess what ... karma.  The thing about karma is there are consequences to treating others and yourself badly. It will eventually come back to bite you in the backside.

If you're avoiding your health, eating poorly, and living a sedentary lifestyle, well guess what? Karma, fitness style. Are you treating your body badly? Are you telling yourself lies, giving yourself validation for behaving badly? Just think about how you might feel in 5-10 years. Do you really want to eventually suffer the consequences of bad vibes all over your fitness? We may not be able to control other people, but we can sure control our own karma when it comes to getting healthy.
If you put in 100% into your fitness you will reap the benefits. Your body wants to be treated well, fed right and exercised regularly.  If you want your body to work well for you in the long run you have to put in some effort right now.

Your body will definitely let you know when you are not treating it well, think illness, obesity and stress. So take care of you and listen to your body and treat your body like you would treat the President, with Respect.  

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