Saturday, June 24, 2017

Juice Cleanse?

Be honest now, do you know what a toxin is?  The word toxin is thrown around so much that a lot of people think that having a juice-only diet will flush bad things from your body.  You can’t remove “bad stuff” from your body with green juice.  Toxins, are, by definition, poisons made biologically. Drinking only juice isn’t going to clean your digestive tract either.  Have you ever looked up the possible side effects from a “juice cleanse?” It’s not pretty. Here are some: feeling lightheaded, your skin aging more quickly, or “losing your spark.”
So really the next time you hear about amazing results from a juice cleanse in X number of days (the smaller the number, the more skeptical you should be) don’t believe it. If someone is going to promise you you'll lose two dress sizes in a week they might as well say something equally as unrealistic like ‘all my friends are mermaids and I travel by hoping on the back of my dog.’
Yes, you can loose a few dress sizes in a week. But it isn’t healthy and the weight loss WILL NOT LAST! Doing such an extreme thing is a simple fix that will give you complications later in life. Real results will only happen once someone changes their habits.

If you want to feel great and boost your immune system just keep it simple,  you should eat healthy, sleep well and maintain a reduced stress level. And if you want to avoid infection, wash your hands.

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