Friday, June 2, 2017

Is cardio the answer to weight loss?

Most people exercise to lose weight. You see people spending hours on the cardio machines hoping to shed a few lbs. Sadly, doing hours of only cardio isn't the answer to weight loss. So what exactly is the best exercise for fat loss? Wouldn't one answer be amazing? Just one single exercise, a holy grail of weight loss. We can all dream, right? Truth be told, there is no single best exercise for burning body fat. Instead the intensity and the consistency of your chosen exercise is what matters most. Like I've said for years on this blog, "consistency is key!" With that being said, let’s take a look at how and what kind of cardio and how much you really need to succeed.
Yes, cardio should be a staple in your fitness routine. Regular cardio exercise is important but it isn't the magic formula. It really doesn’t matter whether you choose running, cycling, cross-training or anything else. They will all burn body fat just as effectively. What really matters is the intensity that you perform the exercises.
For many years every cardio-machine in gyms had a option to 'fat burn.' It was assumed that working at a lower intensity for a sustained duration would be the best way to burn body fat. Truthfully, High Intensity Interval Training (short burts of all out cardio followed by a short rest) not only burn fat during the workout but seriously increase your body’s post-exercise response to "fight the fat." To be simple about it, your body continues to burn fat at a much higher rate even once you have finished your workout. Score!

So next time you’re in the gym, try not to stress about getting on the "perfect" machine. Use the rowing, cycling or running equipment or simply choose the exercise that you enjoy the most and try adding some high intensity interval training to really improve your body’s fat burning capabilities.
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