Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stop Overeating and Cut Calories with MealEnders. My review.

The battle of the bulge has been a long drawn-out process, hasn’t it? It’s waged on for years now! It’s just a constant battle and any product that helps us win is a good thing in my book!
We’ve all heard about the latest new products that claim to help fight our hunger cravings . . . drinking the new latest, greatest shake . . . or “sprinkling” our food with a fat blocker before we eat it. But, when I heard about MealEnders, it was a new one on me. 
MealEnders are lozenges that claim to beat overeating, master portion control, and curb snacking so that you are able to lose weight. 
(Intrigued yet??)
MealEnders are backed by scientific findings and behavioral psychology. The scientific side took care of clearing cravings from the “mind” and the psychology side took care of clearing cravings from the “mouth”. The lozenges are stimulant-free and claim to help you fight the urge to overindulge when eating.
I assume we have all eaten out at our favorite restaurant and felt full and satisfied but found that we continued to stuff ourselves because the food looked and tasted fabulous, right?? MealEnders suggests that, instead of eating more than your fill, you simply pop one of their “signaling” lozenges in to your mouth. At this point, the “scientific” folks behind the product assure you that, instantly, any cravings you had will be cleared from your mind and mouth. 
Pretty amazing, huh?
Of course, I had to try this product out. It seemed just too easy – and too good to believe! 
I wanted to try this product when I was truly craving something to see if it would stop those feelings. The moment came when a friend offered me some home-baked cookies. I ate one and it was delicious! So good, that I wanted another. Instead, I popped a MealEnders lozenge in to my mouth. I savored it and let it dissolve completely. Then I took another look at those cookies.
Did I really want one?
Ummm . . . . . the answer was “no”.  I didn’t.
I don’t know if it was the fact that I had cleared the delicious cookie taste out of my mouth with the lozenge or the fact that I had taken a moment to think about something other than my craving but, whatever the case, I no longer craved another cookie.
And, it wasn’t that they didn’t still look mouth-watering (because they did!) . . . I just didn’t crave one anymore.
Wow . . . what a wonderful product!
MealEnders come in 25-piece packs in four different flavors: Cinnamon, Citrus, Mocha, or chocolate mint. The cinnamon flavor has a coating that melts into an apple cinnamon center. The key lime flavor has a sugary, candy-like coating and a nice citrus center. The Mocha flavor is perfect for all the coffee-lovers out there! My favorite is the chocolate mint flavor as it’s delicious chocolate outside with a crisp mint center . .  . yum!
The thing I like most about MealEnders is that, it is not only for those trying to lose weight, it’s also a great product for those simply trying to maintain it. It promotes healthy eating by stopping our cravings for something that we really shouldn’t have. It’s certainly okay to indulge, but the issue for many of us is when to stop. MealEnders makes that much easier and it will be something I carry in my purse for those times when my willpower needs a little help.
I am giving away some samples of this great product. The winner will get four packs of MealEnders (one of each flavor) so they can try them all! 
This is a great product that will surely help you win the battle of the bulge . . . finally!!
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  1. These sound amazing! Lately I have NOT been able to curb my pizza and chocolate chip cookie cravings- the papa john's delivery guy knows me by name now :(. I definitely want a fresh start this month and I think these would help me stay on track!

  2. Can't wait to try them!

  3. Can't wait to try these!