Sunday, August 4, 2019

B.O.? Or coverup your stench with perfume?

I know B.O. is nobody's BFF—particularly at the gym where everybody completes a great deal of sweating. In any case, I'm interested, do you spritz on your scent before you exercise? I ask in light of the fact that… 

as of late, I was teaching and a woman whose flower fragrance was drifting all around the room because she started sweating. It hadn't probably been newly sprayed on—either that or she washes in the stuff.  It really began giving me a headache so I can just envision how other students in the room felt.  I would have left the room if I wasn't teaching.

Now, about your fellow gym goers? I understand many individuals spritz on toward the beginning of the day and then they get to the gym during the evening, it's too subtle to really smell anymore. What's more, I understand the vast majority could never reapply just to sweat everything off. Be that as it may, I realize a few people are extremely jumpy about smelling stinky when they're buckling down, so I can perceive any reason why you may go for an additional spritz.

So tell me: Do you spray on perfume before you head to the gym? Found one that's light enough to wear while you sweat? Do you switch to body spray for such occasions? Hate when you can smell someone's fragrance when you're doing cardio?

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