Sunday, June 30, 2019

What do I do on a Rest Day?

I've end up looking through Insta and getting every one of the feels all the time. Watching you push past your breaking points and vanquish your goals is SO extraordinarily moving. You're executing it  ~ you ought to be so pleased with yourself. 

That is the reason today, I need to discuss resetting your body and mind love through dynamic rest. Keep in mind, changes to your body occur AFTER your exercise, not during it ~ so appropriate post-exercise care of your body is so significant. What you do on your dynamic rest days have a gigantic effect in your conditioning results! 

When you pursue your workouts, you benefit from the body-adoring advantages of resting your muscles, you really should be doing it that way. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, email me.  I got you! Every day you should work an alternate muscle group, which means the muscles are getting multi day of dynamic rest. I always want you to listen to your body, so if that means taking a day of body-loving rest, then do it! DYI spa day anyone?! 

Keep in mind your body superior is to any other person…tune in to it

Extend It 

Stretching is a significant piece of consistently, and on dynamic rest days we urge you to invest additional energy extending those muscles! The more you stretch and inhale oxygen into your muscles, the more versatile they'll turn into. Also, that implies you'll be less inclined to injury and you'll feel more grounded on your conditioning days! After a hot shower or hot shower, permit yourself a couple of minutes to stretch it. Warming your muscles initially is both relieving and significantly helpful in expanding your adaptability!

Hydrate, Hydrate, HYRDATE! 

Drinking enough water is key to taking advantage of a functioning rest day. Our bodies normally lose water when we work out, so it's SO imperative to recharge our cells with a lot of H2O! Additionally, remaining appropriately hydrated facilitates your muscles, gives your more vitality, and lifts your intellectual prowess! 


Above all, taking a functioning rest day is tied in with doing you. This implies giving yourself a lot of TLC ~ plan a back rub, go for a long stroll outside, get espresso with a sweetheart, or sign up for your preferred yoga stream class… whatever presents to you a feeling of physical and mental discharge. What's significant is that you keep your body in movement and you make the right decision for you! Setting aside effort for yourself enables you to be progressively present in each snapshot of your life.

Be well and take care of you!
Jessica Bailey

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