Sunday, July 23, 2017

Barre Tips

My love of barre isn’t a secret. My life revolves around fitness. I just love barre. I can’t help it.
I have noticed that students (I am a student too. I always take classes) always need tips from a teacher’s perspective, so I’m taking this time to do just that.
These tips are assuming you’ve been doing barre for a while and know the basics. Wear crops or leggings instead of shorts, make sure to bring grippy socks, and pick a spot where you can easily see your teacher.

The tinier the movement, the better.

So many methods of exercise incorporate large ranges of motion. The workout is designed to be teeny, tiny muscle movements. Remember, an inch is the size of a paper clip. Try to keep your movements incredibly small. If you take class with any instructors from the studio, watch them. Think of each movement as a tight squeeze and quick release rather than a flex and relax of the muscle you’re working.

Willpower is everything.

In class, it’s completely normal to “shake.” Actually it’s a wonderful thing! Shaking muscles are changing muscles, and you’re working each muscle to fatigue before immediately stretching it out to create a long, lean look. I know from experience how sore you may be upon arrival to class from other exercises. Keep in mind, it makes a huge difference if you really zero in and give it your all to not come out of any position. You’ll surprise yourself that you can hold a long plank, and you can get through an entire thigh section without relaxing. And if you’re not shaking, sink down lower into position. Your muscles should be completely fatigued after class.
 Stick to one barre class per day.
I personally recommend varying your exercise routine and always taking at least one rest day per week. Your muscles need a day to recoup!
Stick to coming to the barre just once a day, and get the absolute most out of that one class you’re present for. There’s no way you can give it your 100% best if you take more than one class in a day!
 Learning technique is a process
Remember, no one is ever a barre technique professional right out of the gate. Form is meant to be improved upon over time, and learning the technique is a true process. You’ll notice a huge difference in your form over time as things start to click and you get more and more comfortable with the flow of class and the way you’re working your body.

If there’s anything I missed, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. If you want to practice you can watch my full length barre video
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