Saturday, November 29, 2014

Yoo Fitness Challenge

Yoo fitness game. You are probably wondering what it is. First off, YOO is a fitness device but it is different than the others on the market today. It is more of an “awareness device” that will help transform you in to who you want to be.
Simply put, YOO is a daily fitness game that will challenge you to change from the “old yoo” to the “new (improved!) yoo”.
The goal of YOO is to not just make you more fit, but to provide you with an entirely new way of thinking about yourself and your daily routine. The trick here is that you set your profile up as the “old YOO”. Once you do so, you have created a “picture” of your current lifestyle, activity level and daily routine. Then, you enter what you want to be; The way you see yourself in your mind’s eye. All those promises you have made to yourself about getting more exercise, making smarter choices, letting your body get more sleep each night are programmed in to the “new YOO” profile.
Once both profiles are set, you simply need to wear your YOO device (all day, every day!). The “new YOO” will earn points for every step you take towards accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself. The great thing about this gaming platform (and what it makes it unique) is that the “old YOO” is awarded points for every step you fall short of your goal by the end of the day. So every day that you don’t do something that the “old YOO” would have done, you are rewarded. On that same note, every time you achieve a goal set for the “new YOO”, you are once again rewarded!
You can sync your YOO device to the YOO app to track your activity throughout the day. There are also many YOO challenges available for you to take. Browse through and find one you like, set your daily goal – and that is when the fun games begin!
The key here is to keep building your lead to earn bonus points for the next challenge. It is a fun way to challenge yourself because you are the one setting the goals you want to achieve. And, ultimately, you are in competition with your “old self”. It is rewarding to see a new, more positive person emerge when you set new goals for yourself and work to achieve them. YOO gives you a fun visual for the person you are now and the person you want to become. It also makes the changes you incorporate in to your daily life a fun-filled game and, honestly – who couldn’t use a little more fun in their lives?
What YOO has done is taken the same abilities as an activity tracker and just added a fun, game-like challenge to it. Instead of simply seeing your daily steps walked or number of calories burned in a day like other fitness trackers provide, you are now able to challenge yourself and see the points add up as you make better choices throughout the day. You will be surprised to find that you re-think poor choices in light of the fact that you will lose points for following through on them. Knowing that you will earn points for getting up off the sofa to grab a bottle of water (rather than asking your husband to do it for you!) will become motivation to make yourself move.
It truly is a “fun” way to get more active!

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